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If you're looking to make a personalized Christmas ornament  (for you or grandparents) with stuff you have from around the house, consider making a ribbon spool photo ornament. I saw on this on a blog Two Little Chickadees.

This is a simple, homemade ornament (which are my FAVORITE types of ornaments).

Take an empty ribbon spool and trace two circles, one for the front and one for the back, on scrapbook paper. I just used some nice, quality wrapping paper.

Hot glue a ribbon (or whatever you want to use to hang your ornament) first, before you glue down the decorative paper. I glued an end of the ribbon on each side so it would hang evenly. (see above picture)

I also cut a strip of paper to glue around the middle (where the ribbon used to be). I just didn't want to be seeing raw cardboard.

I then cut out a picture that was taken recently of the family. One side I put pictures of my girls.

The other side I used a family picture of us all.

I will add 2010 somewhere on this ornament soon, probably by cutting out numbers from magazines and gluing them on.
Although I see cardboard in this picture from the inside cardboard, you really don't see that when it's hanging on the tree. You only see it because of the angle I was taking this picture.

Grandparents would LOVE this for their tree, and we plan to make a few to give the grandparents as well.
I think it would be great to make a nativity ornament as well, with the city of Bethlehem, Jesus, sheep, shepherds, angels, etc... Possibly made out of little felt pieces? If we have time, I'll try to make that as well.

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Meg said...

great idea; thanks! I'm definitely going to do it!

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