Three kids in one room.

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Come with me on a mini-tour of our crowded kid's room. But first, let me give you some background. We moved to the UK over a year ago for my husband to continue his studies. We live in a fully furnished duplex that is about 900 square feet, two bedrooms and we now have three little kids. Space is a premium, but I'm quite happy here! I really enjoy the organizational challenge! I also really enjoy using items and passing them on. We moved here with our suitcases only and plan on moving back to the US in a few years with the same. So, whatever we accumulate will be left behind. Here is how having three kids in one room works for us.

When you walk in, this is what you see. Some kind folks at our church gave us the crib and my sister and I painted the canvases on the walls. They used to hang over the twin beds that were here before the baby was born. (The floral one over my daughter's bed and the vehicle one over my son's bed.) Our landlord was kind enough to put in bunk beds for us and now they have to hang on the same wall. I do wish they coordinated a bit better since they are hanging side by side, but they still look nice I think. There is a box of dress-up clothes hidden under the crib. The kids pull it out when they want to use it. Here are the IKEA bunk beds. Even though my children are little, they have done great with the ladder and love sleeping on the big kids beds! Notice I also have a trundle bed on the very bottom. We could actually have four kids in this one room (without any room at all to spare though.)

I use every available inch. I have hooks for their backpacks on the back of the door and another row of hooks on the bunk bed for sweaters and purses.

I found some cheap and colorful ice buckets that sit on top of the wardrobe (closets are not standard in UK bedrooms) to hold hair bows and smaller toys. Each child has one drawer for all of their clothing and they share the single bar for shirts and dresses that need to be hung. I also have some bins in the wardrobe to hold misc. toys. Jonathan and Meredith each get one. We don't have a lot of stuff, but I like it that way.
This is what this side of the room looks like when it is closed.
That's about it! I used to think that having a new baby meant we needed more space. But, actually we have been so pleased with how this has worked out. My children are learning how to be considerate of one another and they love whispering and being together at night. If you are expecting and need a place for the newest member of your family, look might find room you didn't know you had!


Shannon said...

I really appreciate this post. I always find it refreshing to see children sharing bedrooms and families living with less and still happy and content. The kids' room looks great! ;)

case.jess said...

Margaret, Where do you and your family live in the UK? My husband and I (and our two children) will be moving to Sheffield this summer for ministry. Our place will be a tight squeeze too so your post was really helpful as I begin to think about how we'll all fit comfortably. :)

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