Hollie's Fav Pre-school aged toys

Posted by  | Tuesday, February 1, 2011  at 2:28 PM  
Playing catch-up after having a week with two feverish girls last week.

My vote for fav toys (not necessarily focusing on educational resources) that my pre-school aged daughter plays with are:

play money and cash register

Xylophone from Cracker Barrel

This is actually a bird house gazebo, but she looooves
to play with this with any little figurines.

BOTH of my girls love to play with this Discovery MP3 player.
They love this. It comes with 20 free songs already downloaded.
You also can put lots of your own songs on here too.

Kids Around the World See'n Say.
Laney has learned SO much about different cultures, geography,
different types of music, counting in different languages. This is such a wonderful toy.

Playing Doctor

Pottery Barn Anywhere lounger: I wish our lounger looked as good as the one above. Ha! Both of my girls love to play on this chair. It's so stink'n huge, and if they just didn't absolutely LOVE this chair, I'd get rid of it. I keep thinking....what room can I move this beast into, but then they wouldn't get to play on it. So, it's staying. Note: I don't have the PB insert. I bought the slipcover by itself at a PB outlet. I had some foam upholstery blocks of all different sizes laying around the house. I stuffed them into this chair, and although it's not the prettiest chair, like the one above, it works and the girls use it all the time. And it beats having to pay $229+!

The good, old cd player: Laney (and Mattie) play with this from morning until night, using their own cds. They dance and dance and DANCE their legs off every day to their music. It's absolutely precious. There's something appealing to her about loading the cd herself.  What are their favorite cds?
Seeds family worship music, Disney instrumental music (their absolute fav to dance to), Lecrae, In between the Lions (that we got in a CFA kids meal)...and more.

Pop-up Tent: This princess tent from Target is AMAZING. It's big enough that several kids can play in it. And my favorite part is that it folds down in a matter of 10 seconds. The girls are crazy about this tent! I just bought it at Target 75% off! Gotta love a good deal.

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