Introducing Abbi Grace DeLong!

Posted by  | Monday, February 14, 2011  at 3:18 PM  
Born Tuesday, February 8th at 9:01 am
Weighing 8 pounds, 8 ounces and 20 inches long

Praising God for His grace and perfect timing!
If you want to read her birth story, click HERE


Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

Congratulations Meagan! I loved reading your birth story! What a blessing from the Lord from beginning to end and of course, the little blessing you've been entrusted with!

ChezDeshotels said...

Congratulations and what a privledge you had I love reading birth stories and I read yours and was truly moved but I did want to encourage you in one thing I noticed in your birth story that you wondered why you didn't adopt when you were going through labor etc... That stood out to me because a lady said that around my daughter a few weeks ago and she said "mommy am I not as important because I was adopted." She said, "I thought you worked hard for me but I guess you worked harder for Lillie (my biological child)" I immediatly explained no and that adoption is a labor of the heart and as I was only in labor for 19 hours with her sister I labored for 3 long years for her. Still it really hit her hard. I say all this to NOT be offensive in any manner(please know that is not my heart) but just to caution you what we can say can have such a mighty impact for children and for moms. I know your heart through Reading POH and I know that was not your intention I just wanted to share the lesson I learned for a lady who so quickly said that. Warmest wishes for your new addition and my God richly bless your family in a mighty way
AJ (mother of 2 one adopted one bilogical I just can't remember which is which:)

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