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Here is a quick rundown on the baby carriers I use!

I have a homemade pouch sling (using the wonderful Leah P's instructions) that I love. It is in one of my favorite fabrics :-) and is easy to roll up and throw in my diaper bag. I like this carrier for when babies are little especially, because it is great for snuggling. Eleanor has used this sling multiple times and she likes it. When she is fussy, I can put her in the sling and she will calm down.

I also have a homemade knit wrap similar to a Moby Wrap. A friend of mine made it for me, and though I have not used it yet for my youngest, I used it a lot for my other two children. I found it to be a very comfortable way to carry my child as they got bigger (the pouch sling didn't work as well for me once the kids were 4+ months old). The problem with the knit wrap is the sheer amount of fabric--there is TONS of it. I can't just throw this wrap in my bag and go. It can also get hot with all that fabric wrapped around you. But, that said, for weight distribution and comfort, it was great!

For Christmas this year, my wonderful in-laws indulged me and bought me an Ergo carrier! I have used this once or twice with an infant insert with Eleanor and I really enjoy it. I look forward to using this much more with Eleanor as she grows.

Question to our readers who are Ergo users: Do you find that using the Ergo causes you to slump/roll your shoulders a lot? I do not have great posture anyway, and I find that while wearing the Ergo I am kind of rolling my shoulders forward. My shoulders slope--I have a hard time keeping a purse strap on my shoulder--and I feel like I am hunching my shoulders to keep the straps from falling down. I imagine that the solution is getting the right adjustment on the straps, but I wanted to know if others have this issue.

So let us know--are you a babywearing advocate? if so, what kind of carrier do you use?


ChezDeshotels said...

Babywearing I am a huge fan...I wore my oldest all time as a baby to bond with her after her adoption at 10 months old. She was tiny she only weighed 10lbs at 1 yr. I used the snuggli because I didn't know about wearing babies and none of my friends were advocates. I was a new mom with not a lot of resources (no internet at the time:0...It worked and I wore on the front and then as she got oldewr I wore here on my back. She would sleep on my back while I cooked dinner etc... no the most sophisticated but it worked. Baby number 2 well I had POH and lots of info on babywearing and I made Leah's puch sling WOW Leah great instructions and I used it all the time and then used it as a hip carrier. LOVED it. My favorite type of carrier. I made about 4 for myself in different seasonal fabrics I know I am cheesy I even made a Christmas one ( we went on a holiday vacation and no one could see her cute holiday clothes:0
I also used a moby and I liked the feel but way to much material and not as fast. When Lillie was 9 months old I got an ergo I so loved that as well and still use it with both my kids they weigh the same when we are out some. I have loved baby wearing and wore both my kids most of the time especailly until they got to walking age. Babywearing was kinda like my nursing since I obviously didn't nurse my 1st and my second I ony got to nurse for 3 months until I got tick feaver and lyme's and lost my milk supply. All this to say I am a huge fan.

Rachael Davis said...

Leah, I definitely think it's a strap adjustment issue with the Ergo, but I also think that as E gets bigger, you'll find that you hunch less. When Tucker could support his head really, really well I found that my posture got much better. It was particularly hard for me to get that right when using the infant insert. That was a major reason I bought my K'tan and used that until I could put him in the Ergo without the infant insert.

Terra Jones said...

I had that issue, among other comfort issues, w/ the ergo as well. I recently purchased a Beco Butterfly 2 & it fits like a dream. The lady I talked with (at smart momma, near Angus Barn) said all the issues I had were very common w/ ergo users & "small framed" people. I didn't get to use the Beco w/ the newborn insert, as my guy was about 18lbs when I bought it, but it goes from 7-45lbs (i used it one day w/ my 35ish lb preschooler & it was perfect as well).

as for other carriers - I'm an addict, lol

I love my homemade Moby for the early days - our guys get way too long, way too fast to use it for long very comfortably...I loved my pouch sling for 4+months, once they could sit in it (our guys are also refluxy and laying them in the sling was asking for more laundry, LOL). I purchased a ring sling when #3 was born, and I was so glad (b/c he hated the wrap!) I love my meitai carrier as well, but it was homemade and recently started ripping, so I'm in the market (hehe).

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