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My girls seem to enjoy fingerfood/ snacks more than any other kind of food. They would be perfectly happy eating them for every meal! Since snacks can actually be very healthy (as well as super easy to throw together!), we often eat a combination of them for our lunches whenever we don't have leftovers from last nights dinner. I usually try to have a dairy/protein, a grain/nut, and fruit combination. Cheese chunks, almonds, and sliced apples is a favorite lunch combination, as well as plain yogurt, granola, raisins, and dehydrated coconut. Here are some of our favorite snacks/lunches, and I would love to get some more ideas to add to my list from our POH readers! Please share!

soaked and dehydrated almonds
soaked and dehydrated pecans
cheese chunks, raw if possible!
grapes, apple slices, banana, and other fruit, often with sunflower or almond butter
frozen blueberries (very messy, though, so not good for the car! But they are my girls' absolute favorite and we always keep some in the freezer for a quick fix for teething and busted lips :)
frozen or cooked peas
home-made granola
Home-made "power bars"
dehydrated, unsweetened coconut flakes

cut up dates, often with sunflower or almond butter on them
black beans (my girls will eat them cold! But they stain as well, so be careful!)
cooked brown rice pasta (yes, they will eat that cold, as well :)
home-made crackers
breakfast cookies
applesauce -- if you don't make your own, then please buy the unsweetened kind so you aren't giving your kids HFCS!!! The "original" kind is full of HFCS!
yogurt -- if you don't make your own, then try to get plain (unflavored) full-fat yogurt. It can be hard to find. When we are on the road, we get Fage Greek yogurt for the girls or Organic Stonyfield plain with the cream on top.

Coconut oil chocolate candy with raisins, slivered almonds, and coconut (a great way to get more coconut oil into them!)


Leah said...

My boys LOVE frozen blueberries - definitely their favorite snack. I don't know why they prefer things cold, but they always seem to prefer their fruits and veggies plain and cold. Fine by me!

Kari said...

This reminds me of the frozen lima beans...they must have got that from Ed's side. :) Yuck!

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