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Hey POHers! It's great to be writing a post. . . it has been awhile since I've written on POH. This week we are doing book reviews. Two books I'm reading currently are Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson and The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding 2010 edition.

A fun, easy, and interesting read for any parents of girls. I like Dr. Dobson and his ministry, I think he has a lot of wisdom and insight, and this book is similar to others he has written. It is nothing earth shattering that will cause you to do a 180 in how you parent; it will confirm the things you are doing right and challenge you in areas you have to grow to raise a godly, beautiful-in-the-Lord's-eyes, confident young woman that seeks to live her life for the glory of His Name. I did find myself laughing and crying and dreaming as I read the book and I have even come up with the rough idea for Josh's father's day gift this year. (No, I'm not giving him this book. . . ) There is a chapter, though, with wisdom and insights from dads of daughters. They are one or two sentence snipits and they will bless your heart. . . and put a lump in your throat! Things like, "'Relish the moments when she toddles up and for no reason at all throws her arms around your neck. Resist the urge to buy her the world.' 'Trust her mom to understand the mystery of little girls. You have yet to figure out the mystery of big ones.' 'Be prepared to watch Walt Disney movies with her some 200 times. Each.' 'Read to her often. Very soon, she'll be reading to you.' 'Take her for a walk in the woods. Show her what poison ivy looks like, how to cross a steam, how to find her way back.' 'There will be days when you think you've raised an alien. Those are the same days she feels she's being raised by one.' 'Teach her how to look a boy in the eye and say "No."' ''Visit college campuses with her in her junior year. (This is not the time to get emotional. There will be plenty of time for that.)' 'Tell her she is the daughter you always dreamed about.'" And so many more. I'm thinking of taking these words of wisdom and making it into something creative. . . actually, I'd welcome ideas of how I should do this - all you creative women out there!!)

Another great chapter is on the princess movement and it's impact on girls. Dobson had some interesting insights and, while he notes it is a 6 billion dollar-a-year business for Disney, he sees many positive influences it can have on our girls - modesty, inner beauty, waiting for her prince charming/husband and so on. It really made me think about it, maybe because my daughter loves the Disney princesses, but there really are many, many positives to this creative, imaginative play.

And, as with Bringing Up Boys this is a good book for both moms and dads to read.

Specifically, this newly revised 8th edition. It reads like a song and is really an enjoyable, easy read, with all updated research and information on every aspect of breastfeeding - pregnancy, getting started, the first year, starting solids and weaning, and all the trouble-shooting problems that could possibly happen. Yes, it is a wonderful reference BUT it is also a must-read for every pregnant mom who either is having her first baby or whose past breastfeeding experiences weren't all she had hoped for.

This newly-revised edition is a more enjoyable read than past editions. Don't hear me wrong, I definitely consulted my WAB 7th edition many times through my breastfeeding experiences but this 8th edition is one I enjoyed reading from cover to cover. It deals more with the relationship you have with your baby rather than just a how-to or problem-solving nursing reference. The beginning poses this question: "What if you had to choose? You can either bottle-feed your baby with scheduled feedings and little body contact, but with your milk in the bottle. Or you can breastfeed your baby, responding to his cues, but only formula comes out of your breasts. . ." What a choice! (And one I'm personally glad we don't have to make!)

It is a great book of encouragement, help and information. It really is the most helpful and research-based breastfeeding book written. Please, moms, if you are pregnant or nursing, make sure you get a copy of this book and read it.

My "to read" list includes Created to Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl, The Mission of Motherhood and The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson, and Living a Life of Fire by Reinhard Bonnke. (I'm also hoping to add to this list by reading your recommendations and reviews throughout the week.) What are YOU reading? Please share books that you are enjoying, that have challenged you, that have given you a good laugh and breath of fresh air, or that you consider "must reads" for every mom.

Happy reading!


ChezDeshotels said...


Thanks so much for your book reviews I am currently reading Bringing Up Girls and I think it is great! But I want to share about a book that has changed our family and our life and it is The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis and David Cross. It has changed the way we deal with our adopted daughter. I learned the way to discipline and work with as well as how love to a child is totally different if they spent formative days and months in an orphanage. We had been having numerous issues in our family and I felt like our house was falling apart and then I discovered this book and it brought peace to our home in a week (not perfection but peace) and we are moving through issues very well. I have now read the book three times and have made more notes than you can imagine. I SOOOO wished that someone had shared this book when we were in the adoption process and I so wish I would have had these tools 4.5 years ago when we brought our baby home. I have become passionate about this book and hope that is you are considering adoption or if you have adopted this book is a MUST read. I know it won’t be on everyone’s reading list but it tops the best book I own. It shared so many things I didn’t even know. Anyway I would strongly recommend this book if you are involved in adoption at all.

Aarmel said...

I love Dr. Dobson. His books are guaranteed to be good!

Terra Jones said...

loooove the newest WAB! they definitely made some great additions.

i just read Labor of Love: A Midwife's Memoir by Cara Muhlhahn (the homebirth midwife followed in Business of Being Born). Confession: I neglected pretty much everything except food and playtime for about 3 days and read this. I couldn't put it down.

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