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It's my week for posting on POH! I have posts scheduled to cover all kinds of topics that are on my mind a lot lately. It probably isn't hard to guess that our new baby girl is on my mind a lot right now. I'm 29 weeks pregnant and things are going well, except for a slightly raised blood pressure. I'm on "modified bedrest" which basically means I do as little as possible. In the meantime, I'm trying to get our ducks in a row for the time when full bedrest comes! 

Basically, we sold almost all of our baby items about a year ago when we moved. I'm an "anti-hoarder" and it wasn't in our plans to have another baby anytime soon. Things obviously changed with the ovary situation and the move overseas...and six months after we got rid of most of it, we found out we were pregnant! 

As I've started gathering items for our 3rd child, I've found new products that I wanted to have along with the same ones we've loved with the first two babies. Here are some of those! 

The first one is something I never considered with the first two - a video monitor! When I learned about this one, I started to realize how great it might be. This is the Summer Sleek and Secure model. It is awesome! I use it in our big kids' room (they share bunkbeds now!) and can't imagine life without it. You can add up to four cameras and view them all with the same handheld! We'll get a second camera for the baby's room at some point. One of the greatest (yet easily overused as we discovered) features is the two-way talk feature. Parents can talk through the monitor to the kid's room! 

Second item is this Fisher Price Snugabunny swing. With Will, we had the FP nature papasan swing that my Mom got at a yard sale. Sadly, it didn't survive the next nephew. For Adeline, we got the FP Rainforest cradle swing (used on Craigslist, of course) when we learned of the plug in feature!

I loved the plug-in option of the rainforest swing, but not so much the super bright colors and it wasn't as comfy as the original papasan. Enter the snugabunny - plugs in, super comfy papsan style and neutral colors! Baby girl is going to be so comfy! (Now to find a good enough deal on it...)

The Trend Lab crib rail teething cover. We've already set up our new crib and I wanted to use it for the little girl I keep a few days per week. She's teething and I remembered all the damage Will did when he started teething. I didn't like the sticky cover (gummi crib rail) we got for that crib. I found this product and love it! Protects the crib and protects baby from the crib's finish! 

Ok, so we totally don't have this - nor am I certain we will, but I had to share. My friend Allison shared this with me and I think it looks hilarious! The "Woombie" is the ultimate escape proof swaddle blanket! Hilarious! I still love my SwaddleMe blankets and I've already gotten a few from the consignment sales. 
Considering my first born loved his paci and my second born still sucks her thumb - I can speak from experience when I say that I would much prefer a paci baby to a thumb baby! That said, I fully intend to try EVERY paci made to get a paci baby this time. I think with Adeline I only tried the two kinds we liked with Will - Mam and Nuk. The traditional Soothie pictured above is already in baby's closet waiting!

Then I saw the Soothie "gumdrop" pacifiers. There is a cutout for the baby's nose! What a great modification and I hope that baby sister likes at least one of these pacifiers! (Also have some of these waiting. :) 

Those pacifiers reminded me Will's preemie paci - also made by Soothie. Look how cute he was with that thing!? I can't wait to hold another newborn! 

Any recommendations for baby products that have come about in the last five years? Or maybe they aren't new - but what are your favs? 


Leah F said...

Have you seen the Itzbeen? It's a timer that allows you to track EVERYTHING--diapers, feedings, sleeping, etc--so you know exactly how long "it's been". I don't have one, but I know several first time moms that love it, especially during the first few weeks of newborn sleepless nights! :-)

Meg said...

I've been loving my miracle blanket this time around!!!

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