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I thought I would give you a brief glimpse into the Finns' life and 'happenings.'

Last week, we had friends in our home for three different meals. We love the fellowship with friends in various situations: married, single, dating, and the opportunity to have rich conversations, but it made for a busy week!

April 3 was Eleanor's three month birthday! I cannot believe how quickly time has flown, and how much our life is enriched by having her. She is a sweet, snuggly, easy-going baby who gives us very little 'trouble'. In the past few weeks she has been sleeping through the night more often than not, and that is an exciting time for me especially. My only struggle with Eleanor has been her refusal to take a bottle. All three of my children have been champion nursers, and I have never had problems with supply or milk production, God be praised! But my kids are not huge fans of bottles, and Eleanor has just refused. She recently did take a bottle from a friend when I left the house--that seems to be the key (it can't come from daddy, and mommy can't be in the house:-)

On Monday, the kids and I drove an hour and a half to meet my childhood best friend for lunch. She and her husband were heading to the Outer Banks to celebrate their anniversary, and I couldn't let her get in the state without seeing her! Jeni is one of those friends that I don't talk to for weeks and then we pick up right where we left off. I am greatly blessed that the Lord has allowed us to be friends for over twenty years!

We ate dinner with friends last night who are preparing to go overseas with Wycliffe Translaters. It is wonderful to see their heart for getting the gospel of Jesus to people who have not heard, and to be able to partner with them on their mission. April (and late March too:-) holds many meals and opportunities to fellowship with other believers and friends, and I love it!

We do not have any elaborate plans for the rest of the week, but there are many things that I am looking to later this month:
*the kids will hopefully start swim lessons next week (provided I can get them into the lessons tomorrow morning)
*the Finns are traveling to Nashville, TN for the week of Easter. It will be our first trip since Eleanor was born. We are going for Nathan to do some research, so I will be entertaining the kiddos in Nashville while he works. It should be a fun time of 'sightseeing' in Nashville and spending time with friends there
*April 30 I will be walking in 4000 Steps, a walkathon to benefit Pregnancy Support Services of Wake Forest. I participate in this event every year, and I look forward to seeing how the Lord will bless beyond our expectations again this year. If you would like to know more about it (or make a contribution to my walk:-), you can learn more here.
*I am a procrastinator, and I have delayed switching out the kids' winter clothes for summer (there isn't a lot to do--many things just stay out all year). I am glad I delayed, though, because the NC weather has been crazy! I am going to work on it, though, because Baxter is outgrowing his 2T clothes now :-)
*Easter is not far away, and though I bought Georgia's Easter dress, I plan to make Eleanor's. Probably should get started on that...

The transition from two to three children has not been as seamless and easy as I might have hoped. Georgia and Baxter are at an age where they are often pushing the boundaries, testing the limits and aggravating each other. Disciplining them is an exhausting and trying experience, I will admit. Eleanor is no trouble at all, but the bigger two can be quite a handful at times! Our day to day struggles with their rebellion and disobedience drive me to the cross of Christ for strength and forgiveness for the many times I fall short. I find myself hoping that one day they will just "get it" and stop disobeying...and then I look at my heart, which regularly rebels against God, and I am grateful for Christ taking my sins upon his shoulders on the cross! I am true wretch in need of grace--how do I expect my children to be perfect when I know from experience that our hearts naturally turn away from God?

Thanks for letting me share what is happening with us! Praying that you have wonderful week, my friends.

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