How our kiddos sleep

Posted by  | Saturday, May 14, 2011  at 8:00 AM  
This is how our kiddos sleep these days. The bed is only a double size but, since they all wanted to sleep together, we turned them sideways. A few months ago the boys, Luke first and then James about a month later, just decided they were big boys and didn't want their cribs any longer. When Luke started sleeping in the big boy bed, Lydia decided she wanted to sleep with him. I thought that would last about a night (or less!) but it worked out fine (and I was shocked!). I think this is what prompted James to want to sleep in the big boy bed as well. Now, they all look forward to sleeping together. It works fine (usually) when they go to sleep but the problem has been in the mornings. Luke is my "morning man" and wakes early. If you remember, he's also my talker. So, he wakes up his siblings long before they would probably wake on their own. I'm not sure what to do about that, but I do love to go in their room at night and see them sleeping together!

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allison said...

I love this pic!
So, so sweet!
Maybe God can work it out for them to sleep a little longer together like this...super sweet!

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