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Hey POH Readers! It's my turn to share a little of what is going on in our lives. I'm going to post on a wide assortment - book reviews, home school, holiday traditions, and just update you on our lives in general. I have posts lined up for each day so please check in often! I hope you'll enjoy this week and also share and comment so we can have a lively discussion to challenge and spur each of us on in this daily walk we live together.

Finally we were able to get a picture with all the kids smiling and looking at the camera. . . and I just LOVE this picture!! We took it Easter morning. From left to right - Luke, Lydia, James.

Luke: our always laughing, very lively, talkative, spirited, determined little boy. He is smart as a whip and doesn't miss a thing. Currently, he loves to say the sounds of the alphabet and count - he is always talking. He is also very focused and enjoys playing alone at times while James and Lydia run around carefree playing. Luke is happy coloring a picture or building train tracks or Legos. He's also our good eater - no matter what I make I can always count on Luke to like it. His favorites are soup, vegetables, and meat. Gotta love it! And, he is always, always smiling - that priceless, award-winning grin. Though he's always on the go, there are times he will come up to me and say, "Mommy, I want to hold you" and then just collapse his whole body into mine. Wow. Those are some of the most amazing moments. . .

Lydia: our first-born, independent, leader-teacher, vibrant, energetic, princess who absolutely adores her brothers. She loves reading and crafts and is very into the Daisy Meadows fairy books. I think we have seriously read 50 or more of these! She loves to dress up and even sleeps in princess gowns - very unlike me who, I'm told, was a total tom-boy growing up :). I absolutely love that she is all princess and loved that we were able to watch the Royal Wedding a couple weeks ago. She was in awe of Kate's (ahem Catherine's) dress and the boys went back and forth deciding if they were princes or kings - absolutely precious. She is a tremendous helper to me with the boys and, though she is very independent, she is also very maternal and even asks, almost daily, to pray that she will be a good mommy one day. Melt a mama's heart!!

James: oh, my sweet baby James! our cuddler (I seriously didn't know babies came like this!), finger-sucker, quiet and reserved, fun-loving, incredibly kind-hearted helper who doesn't miss a thing. Luke and Lydia are so much more out-going it's easy to think James just misses a concept - but then he will say something out of the blue and I'll realize he didn't miss a single thing. He is care-free and asks daily to go to the "duck park" where he loves to feed and chase the ducks and birds. I could watch him do it forever! He just runs and runs chasing the ducks and laughing these full-belly laughs because he is just so care-free and into the moment. I watch him and think about joy, thankfulness, and God. . . well I'll save that for my book review on One Thousand Gifts. . . He is also my pickiest eater. . . which I think is interesting how very different each child is. And, though I refuse to make separate meals or give in to junk food, he will just look a meal, and, if he doesn't want it, quietly suck his fingers and wait until the next time we eat!

Well, that's a little update on our kiddos. I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into daily life with the Gray house.

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