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Howdy from Texas, everyone!

This Shannon from Our Blessed Life, and I am so thrilled to make a “guest” apperance on Prayer of Hannah! Hollie asked me to do a little “write-up” on Tell Me a Story: Teaching Them to Walk in His Ways.

This little eBooklet is a project the Lord laid on my heart, to be a useful tool in helping other parents - especially busy, working parents - teach the Bible to their children.

In it, I depict how our family started telling Bible stories to our girls, and how storytelling His Word has become a cornerstone in how we disciple our children. It has become something we really enjoy, but, as I explain in the book, it was never something we were taught to do, or even planned to do with our children - the Lord just laid it in our laps.

Let me give you a sneak peak at Tell Me a Story, by sharing a few snippets from the introduction of the booklet:

“When you are telling exciting Bible stories to your children, it doesn’t need to be when you’re snuggled close with a Bible or storybook in front of you, though those times are nice. You can tell your children stories while you drive. Turn off the radio; you’ll have a captive audience. You can tell stories while you cook dinner.... And of course you can tell them stories while you tuck them into bed. The powerful, wonderful Word of God will be the last thing on their minds as they fall asleep..."

As you will read in the book, our family didn’t instinctively know the art of storytelling.  Our children didn’t learn a handful of Bible stories in one day. They learned each story a little at a time, over the course of days and weeks. And most of the time, we have stayed only a few steps ahead of them in the process. And we are still in that process...

Even if you’re a busy working parent, you can redeem those hectic moments and use them to fulfill your most important job... And the benefit and blessing we reap is meaningful, quality time with our kids.”
In this short, easy-to-read eBooklet, I share how our storytelling journey was actually prompted by my 3-year-old daughter, Maggie. You will read a few of our stories word-for-word, as well as be encouraged to begin telling stories with your own children.

Tell Me a Story may be purchased from my blog Our Blessed Life, for a small donation towards our adoption.  You will receive it in pdf format (Horray for no shipping charges!) And at this time, every penny from sales helps us bring home Kirk and Lori, two five-year-old, HIV+ beautiful children in Eastern Europe, whom we are blessed to (soon) bring into our home and call our own.

Thanks everyone!

A little note from Hollie:

Let me encourage you to head on over to Shannon's blog to read up on their adoption of these two precious children, Kirk and Lori, and possibly consider buying her e-book. The amount of donation given for the e-book is totally up to you. Her book is awesome and really encourages/teaches you how to teach the Word of God to the little ones in your life in a way that makes sense to them and helps them to retain the Truth in their minds. Jeff and Shannon are waiting and trusting in the Lord to provide for their adoption, and this is just one way we believe He could provide. On their blog you can also see how much they've raised and how much left they have to go. Thank you again!

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