Strawberry Birthday Party (Pic Heavy)

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Last week my little turned two years old.  I can't believe two years have already passed since she was born.

Mattie had a Strawberry Shortcake inspired birthday party using the colors and design of Strawberry Shortcake. Below are some of the things we did to throw her her very own Strawberry Party.

These cupcakes were the BEST cupcakes I might have ever made, maybe ever had. Seriously. Making three dozen cupcakes with a double batch of the icing was a bit laborious, but once my taste buds experienced these cupcakes, it was all worth it. I already had the cupcake stands from Laney's birthday party last year.

 I got the recipe from Martha Stewart's website, but really the recipe is owned by Candice Nelson, aka Sprinkles. I changed some things in the recipe that you will definitely need to know about, like adding baking soda that was accidentally left out of the recipe (that will have to be another post). Here's also a video of Candice Nelson making these (she included the baking soda in this video)

Do you think Mattie liked them? She was putting her fingers in the icing, picking the strawberries off the top, licking the icing off of them and eating them.

Mmm. Mama these are good cupcakes.

 Red-picnic Dollar Tree plates and napkins
Focal point of party!
We had the party down at the pool cabana of our neighborhood. It was so nice because it was free, there was enough seating for everyone, there were ceiling fans, and a pool for everyone to swim in after eating cupcakes. (oh and not to mention a cool fireplace for our focal point)

The morning of the party my friend, Rachelle Usher, came over to help me prep for the party. What a tremendous help she was. Rachelle came over and made the balloon banner you see above. Want to know now to make it?

Supplies for Balloon Banner:
  • Pack of 20 balloons in red (Party City)
  • Pack of 20 balloons in green (Party City)
  • Decorator Strip ($4.99 at Party City
  • Strong lungs to blow up 40 balloons

Balloon Banner How-To:
1.  Blow up all of the balloons.
2. Tie two balloons of the same color together. 
3. Make a cluster of four balloons total by tying together two clusters of two balloons, of the same color.
4. Stick the end of a balloon cluster (4 balloons tied together) in the hole in the decorator strip.
5. Continue to stick all balloon clusters into decorator strip until you have no more balloon clusters.
6. Reserve a little bit of the decorator strip on each end so you can hang it.

*This banner was supposed to hang straight, but it was difficult to do that at this shelter, so we did the best we could. Also, I wouldn't recommend hanging balloons next to brick. Balloons were randomly popping throughout the party and scaring us to death.

I had Dear Hubby unscrew our big chalkboard from the playroom wall,
 so I could make a focus point and personal birthday sign.

I snagged Mattie's birth announcements, her first year portrait, some fake flowers from our house, and a pink chicken for decor (from our house) to add to the focal point.

Spanish Moss "M" for Mattie:
  • "M" at Hobby Lobby for $1.99
  • Spanish moss at Hobby Lobby
  • Spray glue (on hand)
  • Ribbon to hang (on hand)

Spanish Moss Letter How-To:
1. Head outside with your supplies.
2. Spray your letter(s) with spray glue.
3. Quickly bunch up and lay down your Spanish moss.
That's it.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

My friend Rachelle actually glued the Spanish moss for me the morning of the party.
She did a fantastic job!

Inspired by the Strawberry Shortcake design (but not using the Strawberry Shortcake character stuff), I bought red, plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree, green and white polka dot wrapping paper from Party City for $3.99, and grabbed a few things from the house for decor (strawberry bowl and glass candlesticks).

Gotta love my animated little Lanes. She's the life of a party!

For the party favors, I sewed burlap bags with red thread.

I used a scallopped paper punch and some scrap cream cardstock  to make nametags

Inside bags: (pics aren't that great due to mobile phone pics at 1:30 am)

Handmade red headbands (made from an old tshirt) with burlap rosette

Trader Joes strawberry fruit leather
Organic strawberry sucker
A few pieces of Trader Joes saltwater strawberry taffy
Little plastic bags of Trader Joes crunchy chocolate covered peanuts tied with gingham ribbon

Birthday Girl in her bathing suit.
This was also a swim party, so the entertainment was built in.
Loved this.

Beautiful big sissy having a blast swimming

Celebrating with friends and family

Incredible birthday picture with Nana

Having fun with Mimi
Thanks for dropping by my Strawberry Party!


Rachael Davis said...

Oh man oh MAN!!!! This is awesome!!!!! Want to come down and help me throw T's party?!?! You're amazing!!!!

Jennifer said...

Aww..what a great party! We had a Strawberry Shortcake party last year for my daughter. You had some great ideas I would have loved to use :) The cupcakes look so yummy... can't wait to see your post about them (and the recipe!) :)

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