The Dollar Store for Homeschoolers

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Do you live near a Dollar Tree? I LOVE our dollar store and I find so many great things for homeschooling there. Looking around our homeschool room, here are a few of the items I see that came from the dollar store:
1. Workbooks. I have an unhealthy obsession with the workbooks from Dollar Tree. They are just so great and so cheap. My boys are not coloring book kids. They don't enjoy sitting down and coloring or drawing. But I've discovered they will sit down and do a worksheet. Some of the ones we work on aren't really that challenging to them (draw a line between the two matching Care Bears, for example) but it is great pencil practice for them. And I always make them write their name at the top of each worksheet (front and back). This has been great practice for them. Some of the workbooks are more at their skill level and they enjoy cutting, writing, and doing mazes.
2. White Boards & Dry Erase Markers. I found these great framed white boards for $1/each and a 3 pack of markers for $1. We use these boards to practice writing letters and to draw Mat Man (from Handwriting Without Tears). I used white boards a lot as a classroom teacher and I can see us getting a lot of use out of them when drilling math, practicing spelling, etc.
3. Card Packs. This was a 6-pack of card games for $1. I have these in our Busy Bag Box and can pull them out when we need a fun activity to break up our school day.
4. Puzzles. Each of the boys picked out a Disney Cars 48 piece puzzle the last time we were in Dollar Tree. These also live in our Busy Bag Box for a quick activity. The boys can practice teamwork and turn-taking when working together on the puzzles.
5. Magnetic Alphabet Sheets. I found this cute sheet of alphabet magnets the other day. I bought two sets so we would have doubles. The boys worked together right away to lay out the alphabet and spell some words. Also, I didn't buy these yesterday because we don't need them, but Dollar Tree has Wooden Magnetic Letters. These would be a super cheap version of the Melissa & Doug letters.

I also love the Target Dollar Spot, especially when they put out their back to school items. Here are a few of the items I picked up this year:

Do you have any great Dollar Store items that you use in your homeschooling? Please share! I'm always looking for new ideas!

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