Adoption and the hurdles of the heart-Sheryl's story

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Sheryl and her husband Andy are friends and fellow church members with the Finn family. Sheryl graciously has offered to share a glimpse into what goes on in their hearts during this process. You can follow Andy and Sheryl's story at

There are definitely hurdles to this miracle called adoption. Whether you’ve ever considered it or not, you’ve surely heard about the time and money it takes. Then there’s the miles of paperwork and even, for some, the fear of unsupportive family and friends. But, the hurdles I’m thinking of begin with us and the questions in our own hearts.

Could I love a child that’s not “mine”?

What if something is “wrong” with them?

Will it feel like” Plan B”? (for those who struggle with infertility)

My precious husband Andy and I dealt with these questions together a little over a year ago as we plunged head first into the adoption world. We had always known we would like to adopt but it was becoming clearer that it would be our reality a little sooner than anticipated, as we’d been facing infertility for several years.

Even as a couple who had always been open to and felt drawn to the call, these hurdles of the heart still had to be dealt with. Before submitting our initial application with an agency, we asked these same questions mentioned above. And since then, I’ve had others ask me about these questions going on in their hearts.

The best way I know to answer is that once we took that step of faith the Lord had impressed upon us, He dealt with the hurdles going on inside – each and every one. Not before, but after.

I cannot fully explain what happened in my heart the moment I submitted our initial application to begin the process. But the questions didn’t matter anymore. I was in it for the duration and I wanted desperately to see it come to fruition. No more second guessing. And it absolutely became and felt like Plan A. This is what the Lord had called us to do and He's been faithfully lighting the way the entire process!

We’re currently on the journey to bring home a 23 month old little girl, Lucy Hope, from China sometime late this summer. She has already changed our lives for the better and we can’t wait to get to know her as our daughter.

Each adoption story is different. I’m not claiming it’s all roses all the time. But it’s absolutely been worth it for us – and we don’t even have our Lucy home yet! We’ll have difficult times ahead, no doubt. But we already can’t imagine our life without her. These questions have faded from our hearts and a love for her has taken their place.

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