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Toddlers are so much fun! The first of my products are really items that have saved my sanity more than anything. The last few are ones that I have seen my son LOVE to play with. Will is currently 19 months old and we use the items listed here regularly.

1. Bath organizer tray to hold toys! I recently purchased this at Babies R' Us for about $10. I was battling with Will's bath toys on a daily basis. No suction cups would stick to our shower walls to hold those other hanging toy organizer things. Then I found this product! It's great because it sits right at Will's level when he is in the bath and he only takes out the toys he wants. We're working on putting the toys back before bath is over now...

2. Bath seat! I purchased this at a yard sale for about $3 (I've seen MANY at yard and consignment sales) back when Will was around 9 months old. It's been great to give him a secure place to sit in the tub. He has rarely tried to climb out of it - he LOVES baths. But even if he did try to climb out, we obviously don't leave him unattended.

3. Little Tykes Castle Climb n' Slide! Will's grandma gave us this for him to play with and I cannot tell you how much he loves it. It has really improved his climbing skills (maybe not such a good thing!) and he loves it so much it still sits in our living room. We intended on putting it out back, but never have because he climbs on it all day long. He loves it so much that he had a hard time sharing it when his friend Leah came to play the other day. He literally spent the entire time "guarding" his castle. This is another item that frequents yard sales and craigslist.

4. Kiddopotamus Tiny Diner mat. We've had this item since Will started with finger foods and I love it. If you're out and about you can lay it down and feed them right off of it. It sticks to the table with suction cups and provides a CLEAN place for them to eat. We still use this a lot, even to put his plate on when eating out. That way the food still doesn't touch the table when he decides he doesn't want it on his plate but would rather save for later. :) I should also add that it rolls up inside itself and has the little "trough" like piece that hangs off the table to catch food.

5. LITTLE PEOPLE sets. The last five items or so are all Fisher Price Little People sets. Will loves each of these so much and has really learned a lot from playing with them. I often find these at yard sales and consignment sales as well. Oh and we do rotate these out. For example, we'll leave the train set out for a few days and then put it up. That way he doesn't lose interest. Here's what we've got:

Fun Sounds Train - This one makes lots of different noises and he has a good time running the train all around the house. I found this set at a yard sale for $1.

The Christmas Story (nativity). Will got this for Christmas from his Gigi. He only played with a little while before we packed it up with Christmas stuff. We plan to get it out each Christmas so it stays special.

Noah's Ark. Will has this set at both his Grandma's and his babysitters. He loves all the animals and knows which one Noah is.

This Plane set makes lots of noises too and Will loves to make it "fly" although it never really leaves the ground.

Zoo! This was our first little people set that we found at our seminary's "sharing shop." (free Goodwill for seminary students :) Each animal makes its respective noise and Will has learned to imitate them all. The cutest is when he whistles like the bird.


Carol said...

These are great. You've just given a grandma some great ideas for gifts. (BTW, I'm Samuel's grandma. Leah's mom.) Leah played with Little People when she was a toddler. We had a barn set that was really cute. I had forgotten about them. Once the garage sales start up this spring I'll be looking for some of these cute sets. Thanks for the memories!

Christina said...

Hi Samuel's grandma!

We played with Little People too and my Mom still has probably that same barn and a zoo as well! Too funny - I'm sure Samuel will love them!

Shannon said...

Hi Ladies!
Really great recommendations. Some of these things I've never seen (like the bath seat and the table cover.) It's also interesting to see what little boys play with!

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