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Posted by  | Monday, January 14, 2008  at 9:06 AM  
By the time your baby is a toddler, it is really fun to PLAY with him/her! Several of my recommendations are specific for a baby girl (since that's what I have experience with). Enjoy!

1. Little Mommy Girl/Boy Twins by Mattel - Hands down, this is Lydia's absolute favorite. She LOVES these dolls! Though she has others, Lydia is ALWAYS walking around with these. We were looking back through pictures over the holidays and realized that since she'd gotten these dolls when she turned one, every picture of her in our house has her carrying them, unless we specifically took it out of her hands.

2. Play kitchen and shopping cart - Lydia loves to imitate her mommy so we thought these would be good toys. Boy were we right! She absolutely loves to push her shopping cart around, cook in her kitchen, and organize all her pots, pans, plates, utensils, and food.

3. Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles - These are really fun because they are simple puzzles to start with, have fun pieces, and the paint is non-toxic. Lydia has this farm one and loves to put it together. Though she can match the figures, it is still challenging to fit the shapes into the hole, which makes it a good puzzle to grow and learn with.

4. Leap Frog Fridge Magnetic Animal Set - This is a cute toy. It sings songs and tells about the animals when your toddler matches them correctly. When they are mis-matched it will also sing a song and tell what was made, for example "A horse-cow? That's silly!" It is magnetic so you can stick it to your fridge and your toddler can play while you're working in the kitchen. That alone makes it worth getting!

5. LullaBible Series Board Books- There are several in this series and they are excellent. It introduces your little one to Bible stories that are simple, have a picture to go with the story, and are board books so your toddler can play with them and not hurt them. I've been reading these to Lydia since she was born and she LOVES them. At night, we read them and then she shows me the "baby" in each of the pictures, or the animals, etc.

6. Baby Ergo Carrier - I couldn't survive these days without my Baby Ergo carrier. Anytime we leave the house, she's in it. And, sometimes I'll put her on my back if she is in a clingy mood and I need to get stuff done around the house. Lydia's about 22 pounds now and I can carry her for hours without any problems. I don't know of any other carrier that could carry my toddler and still not hurt me!

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Shannon said...

GREAT recommendations! Maggie (19 1/2 mos.) also LOVES her baby dolls and play kitchen. She takes good care of her babies and tries to put cloth diapers on her dolls; it's so cute. I'm thinking of taking some Walmart pre-folds and making some baby-doll diapers.

Our friends have the magnetic animal set, and I can vouch for it; their 2 and 4 year old (girl and boy) love it too. We really like Leap Frog toys. Maggie was just given Lilly, a little frog that counts in English and Spanish. It's a great toy & teaching aid. And Maggie loves it of course, b/c her baby sister's name is Lilly too!

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