Praying for Laney

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To help be more specific in my prayers for Laney, I wrote down a list of areas/charactertics that I'd love to see in her life one day. As a woman praying for her daughter and knowing that she will be around me most of the time in these formative years, I was concerned that she would "catch" the very same struggles as have I, so these specific areas/struggles were at the top of my prayer list. When I pray, I don't just pray for where she is at right now or what lesson she is trying to learn at age one, although that is essential and necessary. I pray for the woman she will be in the years to come, for they will be upon us before we know it. I cannot wait to see how the Lord will honor these prayers. I can't wait to tell her how I've prayed for her and how long I've waited to see the Lord work in these areas of her life. Here are some of the areas I wrote down to give you an idea(not in any sort of order):

  • Heart for God(ever-growing relationship, thriving, fruitful, proactive)

  • Obedient (to authorities in this life and to her ULTIMATE authority(the Lord))

  • Godly wife/mother

  • Fleeing evil, discerning spirit, set-apart

  • Wise: in words (The Word drives this home so so so much in Proverbs)

  • Heart for the Nations, Discipler

  • Boldness

  • Contentment (with who the Lord has made her, being complete in Him, self-esteem, etc)

  • Pure, virtuous woman

  • Health: caring for the Body and the Temple

  • Godly spouse

  • Humble

  • Sound mind: (conquering worry, negativity, etc)

  • Physical protection

I am typing out my verses on here so you can see which verses I pray for each area. Just give me a day to get it all typed out. (It's too late right now to type them out.) :)

Whew. I know that's a huge list, but these truly are areas that I have in mind for Laney, and I know the list will continue to build. Ha! I don't know about you, but when I actually beat away all the distractions of my morning/day and finally get on my face before the Lord, I feel that all is well with the world and I could pray for what seems like forever. I talk to the Lord like I would my best friend. He is my best friend. All that to say, I can be there forever, if my schedule permitted it. I just don't have that kind of time anymore. Nap times are only so long. I do pray for her when we're playing sometimes, but not all that often. I'd like to start working on that more. My problem is getting on my face and beating away everything that bombards my mind.

How to make praying practical: For those of you who can never find the time to pray for all that you need to pray for, especially now that you have at least one life to pray over daily, here are a few practical tips on how to remember and cover each request that you have in your life. This is just one way that I pray if I know that I am super busy on a particular month.

  • One way that I have found it easier to pray (my family's needs, children, friends, praises, thanksgiving etc..) I made a calendar and each day was dedicated to a prayer, friend, or need in my life. By the end of my week, I felt like I was truly obedient to pray and cover everything. Have you ever told someone you were going to pray for them, and in your prayer time, you spent the whole time praying for just you? Ha! Boy am I guilty of that. You just need one hour to do this calendar that will help you pray for the whole month! Every month you might need to change a few things here and there as the Lord answers your requests(and He will). Every week doesn't have to be the same, especially if your requests are growing in number.

  • Once your calendar is made, you can now type out a more detailed description of what you'd like to pray for on another page that's stapled to it. (Can you tell I used to be a High School teacher?) There are details and dates that you just can't remember, so I would type out a description of these requests to jarr my memory.

I was trying to upload a calendar of mine to be as an example to you, but I can't figure out how to do just that. Anyone know how? (My data file host won't let me upload Microsoft files and I don't know how to switch my calendar over to a pdf file. Arrg!) I hope these ideas could be of some help to you. I will be posting my verses soon and very soon. Haven't these prayer ideas and plans that have been presented this week by the other authors been so helpful?! I love it! Way to go ladies!


Shannon said...

Great plan! I like the calendar idea. My friend made up a jar of prayers, including scripture on each piece of paper, so each day she would pull a prayer/scripture out of the jar and pray.

When I was overseas, I made a notecard file that had a notecard for each day of the week. Each day, I would pull out the appropriate card and pray for the things/people listed on the card. Of course I would update it every several months.

I think it's also a good idea to keep a journal of what you're praying. So many times, my prayers are answered, and I forget that I was even praying for that answer - until I go back and read my prayer journal! Then I'm moved to gratitude, and I'm sure to write in the journal just when and how the Lord answered my prayers. It's a good journal to read through when I'm feeling down or sorry for myself! haha.

markandmeg said...

I too am so guilty of forgetting to pray for things I meant to pray for! The calendar is a great idea; thanks! I also wanted to thank you for the recommendation of the Super Baby Food book. Its awesome and Karis really likes the superporridge! I have learned so much about nutrition and the best way to prepare different kinds of foods from it. Thanks again for recommending it!

Hollie said...

Love the jar of prayers idea, as well as the notecard file. I did my scripture memory in a notecard file kinda the same way, but I had a daily divider, every day of the week had a divider and i had dividers for every day of the month. Once I got the scripture down to w/o looking along with the reference, I'd move it to a day of the week(that day probably). I'd keep adding into the daily category and reviewing that particular "day" as well. Once I felt like I could say a scripture card immediately w/o even thinking about it, I'd move it to a day of the month...that way I always was reviewing the verse/reference in a way that was do-able for me. I'd keep adding verses and keep filing them as I memorized them. I loooved my box...until I lost it. Talk about sad. But I made another one and started all over. So, I say all of this to say that notecard file boxes can be used for numerous things! Journaling is so wonderful and therapeutic for me. I used to be a nightly journaler,..until I became a mom. I have to get back into it. I miss it so much. Thanks for the reminders.

Meg, I'm so happy that you're finding the Super Baby Food Book so helpful. Don't be afraid to tackle the strange foods that you don't even know how to pronounce or cook. Just read up on it and do it. You'll love conquering these foods you've never heard of and will benefit from their wonderful nutrients!

Ross said...

Thanks to all of you for sharing your prayers for your babies and most of all for sharing Christ. The desires that each of you have to be a godly mother to your children, exemplifies Christ in the most powerful way. Biblical parenthood is new for me and Ross, it is hard, it is wholly REWARDING, it is not always viewed as "right" by the world, it is tedious, and it is REFINING!!! You have each encouraged me to honor God as a woman and as a mother. Thank you for your dedication to Christ and your family.
Shannon Bradley

Hollie said...

You know how to make a Mama tear up. :) Thanks for the feedback. I have learned so much from everyone as well!

Shannon said...

Hey Hollie,

I wanted to say how much I love this blog. Though I am not a mom yet, I feel like I am learning so much in preparation. Thank you!

Also I wanted to let you know that you can download a free program called PrimoPDF to make your Microsoft files into pdfs. It's super easy! I hope this helps!

~Shannon Cox

Hollie said...

AWESOME! YES! Thank you! I knew I had at least one reader who could help me out in this area. Thanks!

Oh, and let me just say how I WISH I had read a blog like POH to prepare me for motherhood. Shew! I learned the VERY hard way in every facet of Motherhood. do, all that to say, we're happy you're here!

Tara N. Howell said...

I just started reading your blog,and I am so thankful for it! It is wonderful to read what other moms of young children are doing! Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences and wisdom! Jason and I have a family blog:
Feel free to visit!
I especially loved your post about parenting books because that's something I desire to learn so much more about...discipline and how to be a godly parent for Ethan.
Thanks again!
Your former North Wake friend...

Ike said...

Please pray for this family.

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