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Posted by  | Sunday, January 27, 2008  at 3:48 PM  
Hello Readers! We thought we would take a little break this week to reflect on what we have learned so far through this blog. Each of us will share with you what we have enjoyed most about the blog as well as a few things we've learned along the way. PLEASE post comments to share with us what you have learned and enjoyed through the past few months. We love to get feedback from you - it helps us to know what direction to take things. Thanks so much to all of you who read each week and have passed the word onto others!

For my part, I have really enjoyed the opportunity to think through so many aspects of parenting. A lot of times these ideas are all floating around in my head, but writing for this blog has really challenged me to put some reasoning behind what I believe in and how I parent Samuel. It is so easy for me to be passive in my parenting - reacting to situations as they come up. Prayer of Hannah has challenged me to be more proactive in how I parent - thinking things through ahead of time and being prepared to face challenges. Granted, we can't always predict what will happen, but having prayed and sought the Lord ahead of a crisis instead of just in the midst of it can be such a help to me to remember to lay everything at His feet.

As for specifics, I especially enjoyed this past week's topic of Praying for Our Children. Wow, I fall so short in this area and it was a great encouragement to hear how other mothers are approaching the task. I also really enjoy the product reviews we have done for various ages. I am just clueless a lot of times as to what would interest Samuel and stimulate his imagination. I am already making a checklist of things I would like to have when baby #2 arrives. I know we are also planning a week of recommended children's books that should be very helpful.

Well, that's Looking Back for me - please post comments all week to share what you've enjoyed as well. And if there's something else you'd like us to elaborate on in the coming months, be sure to include that as well.

Thanks ladies (and the few and far between guys that read our blog, too!) and I hope you have a blessed week!


Keith said...

Hi Leah! This is really Erin, not Keith, and I love your blog, always pass it on to others. Your sheet of nursing tips was a real help with little David Keith, born 1/9. The posts about prayer also made me think. Question for you- do you still use the rice paper liners in Samuel's diapers? Where did you get them? Did they work well for pre-solids poop?

Leah said...

I'm so pleased that you have enjoyed the blog - and little David is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
I still use the rice paper liners with Samuel. We don't have a diaper sprayer, so this helps make diaper cleaning easier. I didn't start using them until Samuel was on solids, so I can't say how they would work. I know that all his diapers washed out easy enough while he was still exclusively bfed.
Thanks for commenting and I hope you enjoy that sweet family of yours this week!

Erica said...

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the cloth diaper info. I commented before and said that after reading your posts, I finally decided to bite the bullet and switch to cloth. I'd been considering it on and off since I was pregnant with #2. I'm so glad I switched! I love that we're saving both money and the environment. It's so much easier than I ever thought it would be. Even my husband doesn't mind. I was able to pass along my outgrown diapering supplies to a neighbor who has a 2-month old she was interesed in CDing.

Also, I'm glad you posted on the slings. The neighbor to whom I passed the diapers let me borrow her extra sling (we're a similar size) and I loved it so much I made one of my own the very next day. I followed the video instructions Leah posted on her sling blog.

Thanks guys for arming me with information to help make choices I've really enjoyed. Keep it up!

Carol said...

Hi, this is Leah's mom. I read this blog all the time even though I haven't had an infant or toddler in years! I met all of you when Leah lived near you and it is so much fun for me to hear about you and your babies. It's so encouraging to see that young mothers are so committed to raising their children to love the Lord. I've passed along the web address to your blog to a couple of new mothers at our church. I'm sure all this info will be very helpful and inspiring to them. Keep this up. It's a great ministry.

Shannon said...

Hi, Ladies! I have enjoyed reading the blog so much. Particularly, we have been encouraged, inspired, informed, and challenged most by your posts on cd'ing, parenting books, making our own baby food, and praying for our children.

There is a certain level of accountability that comes along with being a part of an internet community such as this blog is becoming. It's refreshing to read of other moms' ideas and experiences, and I believe we are strengthened and sharpened when we know someone else shares our parenting views (or has different views altogehter) and is faithfully plugging along in the journey.

Although none of you are "older women", you are carrying out the command given to women in Titus 2.

Thank you for sharing!

markandmeg said...

So many of your posts and comments have been such a great benefit to me. I learn something new every week :) I think one of the greatest benefits has just been the ability to ask questions whenever I needed advice and receive so many answers from ladies who have been through whatever I am going through. That has been such a blessing! Your recommendations and resources have been life-changing as well. I don't know what I would have done without my ERGO that you guys recommended, and the Super Baby Food book has also brought a lot of healthy changes both to my baby's diet and my husband's and mine as well. I was also extremely challenged last week on praying for my daughter. Thank you guys for all your help!

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