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It really is amazing how much the Lord has taught me through this blog. At first, I thought the blog would be a neat and fun way to share all of the mommy things I was learning. But I have been blessed, encouraged, humbled and challenged by many of the reader comments and other posts. To get an idea of what to include in my "looking back" post, I perused through the entire blog, comments and all. (Maybe I spent a little too much time doing this actually - but it was fun!) Here is what I mean:

The first thing is from a post I made back in November during our week when we each discussed our babies. I wrote about becoming a stay at home Mom in the near future. As I read over all the comments about each person's situation, I was struck by the theme they all shared. No matter what the situation - working full time, part time, staying at home - everyone seemed to stress how the Lord provided all that they needed to be in that situation. Even working Mom's shared of the ways the Lord provided the perfect childcare situations. This was such an encouragement to me in trusting the Lord for all that we need to make this transition.

I have been so humbled by the ways the Lord has prepared me to become a stay at home Mom this June (officially - but I'll be on maternity leave almost until that point!). One year ago, I was not prepared at all and did not have a peace about staying home. So I didn't and I returned to work for one more year leading up to Jacob's graduation. This year, I am ready and it is so apparent to me the ways he is preparing my family for this change. It is CLEAR to me that the timing was not right one year ago, but it is perfect now.

The other thing that has really challenged me is the week on prayer. (I actually didn't post that week.) My husband and I are intentional in praying WITH our son, but I was convicted that week that I am not intentional enough in praying FOR my son and daughter. It won't mean anything for me to model prayer with my son if I'm not solidly backing that up with intentional prayers of my own. Krista made a comment questioning who would pray her child if she didn't and that has really stuck with me. I'm looking forward to seeing God answer these prayers for our children!


Charlie Wallace said...

Y'all have a great site. I'm going to link it on my blog today.

Mallory & Amy Gabriel said...

I have really enjoyed the book reviews and the thoughts on praying for your children. Also, the product reviews are great--I have bought many things you girls have recommended. Thanks for a wealth of information.

In the future, I would like to hear your thoughts on grandparents (aunts, uncles, and other family members too), specifically when you live many states away (as many of us in the ministry do). What are some ways to keep them involved in your daily life? What tips do you have for teaching your children about their grandparents when they live so far away?

Thanks also for all the pumping tips a few weeks ago- things are going great. :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't sleep, so I decided to get up and pray for family members! After praying, I was checking blogs and realized that I hadn't checked this one in a while. Just wanted you to know that someone is praying for you and those sweet grandbabies of mine! I love you. . . . gigi

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