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Posted by  | Thursday, January 31, 2008  at 4:12 AM  
I have enjoyed writing on Prayer of Hannah so, very much! There is nothing I've wanted more than to be a stay-at-home wife and mother, but I also love ministering and sharing with others so this blog has given me the opportunity to continue to be the the teacher I am at heart :). But not only have I been able to share, I've also really enjoyed learning from the other blog authers and all our readers. I think it is so neat that blogging has brought us all together at such a time as this, and there is this community who, together, is striving to help one another in raising godly children and families for the Lord!

Personally, I have learned and been challenged in many ways. Here are some of my specifics. . .
  • From our cloth diaper discussion, I ordered more Chinese Prefolds, and, this time rather than cutting them and simply folding them and laying them in the wrap, I have been using the twist tie with snappy and love it.

  • I have a great list of books that my Mother-in-Law is bringing when she comes to visit in a couple months and I can't wait to get started reading including Toddler Play, Treasuring God in Our Traditions, and A Mother's Heart.

  • I was definitely challenged with our week on prayer and want to get more organized. So, I am working on making a prayer calendar with specifics for each day. I'm hoping to cycle through each seven days so over the course of a week I will have prayed specific prayers and scripture for Lydia, Josh, our family, friends, leaders, and others.

  • Finally, if the Lord blesses us with more children in the future, I'm looking forward to trying out some of the recommended baby products, including that cute little nursing cover!

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