I love being a Mom when...

Posted by  | Tuesday, February 19, 2008  at 10:40 AM  
This week's topic is very open ended and we'd love you all to share with us why YOU love being a Mom! I have had a difficult time summing this up and picking a reason to focus on. I decided to make a list and just go with that. So here it is, "I love being a Mom when..."

-my son calls out for "Mama"

-he runs to me for comfort when he unsure of something

-he looks directly into my eyes and has a conversation with me, all in jibberish and none of which I can understand. But I know he can!

-he learns a new word and way to communicate something with me

-I see him climb into his rocking chair with his Bible and sit for five minutes just "reading"

-I hear him say "thank you Jesus" and fold his hands to pray before a meal

-he bows his head at night while we say our prayers

-I realize all the Lord has taught me in the last 20 months of being a Mom.

-I look forward to all that He is going to teach me through being a Mom of two!

What are the times when YOU love being a Mom?


Shannon said...

Oh, so sweet! What an awesome topic. This morning, when I was giving Maggie a bath, she asked for more bubbles... so I scooped them up and plopped them on her belly... she said, "dank you, mama." Aw, she put two words together, and said thank you all on her own. That's when I love being a mom.

Weber's said...
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Weber's said...

I especially love being a mom when my 2 1/2 year old hugs my neck and says, "Mom, you my best friend!" Those are sweet, sweet moments!

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