My favorite Mom moments

Posted by  | Wednesday, February 20, 2008  at 8:05 PM  

I like the approach Christina took for this week, so I will follow suit. Here are some of my favorite Mom moments that make me so thankful to be a Mom.

-When Samuel wakes up in the morning or after his nap, he sits in his crib and plays until someone comes and gets him. I love to vary my approach to picking him up - sometimes I burst into the room, other times I sneak in and see how long it takes him to notice me. Every time, though, he always greets me with a great big grin.

-When I sit on the couch and pull up my shirt to expose my big pregnant belly, Samuel will sit beside me and lay his head on my tummy. It is so sweet.

-Now whenever I read a passage of Scripture that describes God as our Father, I have such a deeper appreciation for His relationship with me. To know that the way I relate to Samuel as a parent to a child is the same, yet completely incomplete when compared with God, it totally humbles me and makes me so grateful for His love.

-Samuel has started talking and signing more. It makes my day when he communicates with me in these ways.

-Being a mom has given me a totally new way to relate to others. I love to meet other moms and talk about all that our children are learning and all that they are teaching us as well.

-It amazes me how Samuel can be totally obsessed with the same book or same toy for weeks at a time. I find myself getting annoyed at it, but then I think how funny it is that he could be so attached to such a silly thing and I just relax and enjoy the moment.

-Being a mom has deepened my relationship with my husband as well. We find ourselves laughing about something that Samuel said or did during the day and just stop to thank God for the blessing of children. We've learned how to be better partners in life and how to encourage each other more.

Please continue to share why you love being a mom - we love to hear all about you!

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NotesbyNewsome said...

My favorite mommy moments:
~Whenever James says "I love you" without you saying it to him first
~One time we were in the middle of Wal-mart and James said, "mommy, want a hug"
~Whenever I go in to get Samantha she does a little squeal/giggle and kicks her legs all over the place
~Both James and Samantha have special songs I sing to them. They both seem mesmerized whenever I sing them their special song (what's weird is I never planned to sing just sorta happened, and when the songs seemed to calm them down they stuck)
~Samantha is starting to reach for things, but she has a very gentle touch. She likes to take my hair in her hands and just gently pull it through her fingers. She has yet to pull it, though I won't be surprised when that happens...for right now I just like her gentle little movements.
There are so many more I could share, but I'm sure we could all go on for ages about our little ones!!


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