Making Memories with Will

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I certainly don't feel as though I've got a lot to share in this area! Not only is my son's baby book (not even a true scrapbook!) stalled around 6 months old, but like the other ladies have pointed out, I'm still only 20 months into this motherhood thing. There are still so many years of making memories ahead. Besides, almost every idea came from someone else! I just thought they were good and they have worked well for us! Here are a few I have to offer:

1. Taking monthly pictures with a stuffed animal or object to watch your baby grow! (I say "object" because I believe it was Leah that took a few pictures of Samuel next to the Hebrew Bible.) This idea came from my sister in law. Because they moved overseas, I didn't see my niece from about 5 months to about 20 months old. Seeing the monthly pictures helped us to see how big she was getting! For Will, we chose a stuffed animal (named Chicky) and started while he was still the hospital. Here are some of Will's pictures:

Will and Chicky first meet.

Will and Chicky at 6 weeks.

3 months

7 months

10 months

2. Blogging! We started our blog a few months before Will was born and it is the certainly the most complete record of our family's memories! I love to blog and it is an easy way to keep notes on Will's progress and all kinds of other memories. I OFTEN refer back to the blog to find out when he reached some milestone, or when we went on a certain trip. If you're reading this blog however, I doubt I need to convince you to start your own! :) I will mention again the service at that allows you to print your blog into a book form. I have not used this before, but have heard of a few that have. I hope to try it out soon!

3. This cool baby calendar that uses stickers to track milestones! You write the dates in and put a picture on each month. It is SO easy to hang in the nursery and remember to put a sticker on the day your baby gets his first tooth, walks and MANY other milestones. I also wrote on the calendar a lot tracking certain events that there weren't stickers for such as vacations and weight updates. It only costs about $14 from Hallmark. I plan on getting one for our baby girl as well.

I have always intended to do a scrapbook for Will, but I am such a bad scrapbooker. I LOVE to scrapbook and have done lots, but I am terribly inconsistent.

Any other super easy ideas that I can try out with baby girl #2?


Shannon said...

I love taking pics with a stuffed animal to chart their growth - we use "Pinky Bear." What's really fun is to compare daughter #1's Pinky Bear Pics to daughter #2's pics - then we can truly see how much Lilly is bigger than her big sister was!

Christina said...

I hadn't even thought of using the SAME animal for #2!! I had actually already found a pink bunny about the same size as Chicky (from pottery barn also like Chicky) but maybe I'll just do Chicky so I can compare! Great idea!

NotesbyNewsome said...

I love the chicky idea!! It is so cute, and something I'm sure Will will enjoy later on....wouldn't it be cool to see his children next to Chicky just like he was? Thanks for the great ideas!!

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