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Ever since Laney was five weeks old, we've been flying back to Georgia to visit my parents. Mastering how to fly with Laney by myself being so tiny was a trial and error process. (Since my dad was a pilot for the airlines, I was able to fly at a discount.) Wherever you're going on your vacation, you must nail down how to travel. Here's what I have found helpful while flying:

-Baby Carrier: I know many mothers travel with an umbrella stroller, but if you have one baby under the age of one, I would suggest flying with a baby carrier. I had less to keep up with knowing she was strapped to me. Using the bathroom was so easy, because I didn't have to take her out of the carrier or try to squeeze a stroller, carry-on suitcase and any other bags I had into a bathroom stall. When you go through the detectors, now you don't have to take your baby out of the carrier. Once on the plane, Laney would sleep or be content in our baby carrier. I made sure she was always strapped into the carrier during landing or take-off. She also sat in my lap during the flight.

Stroller: If your child is over a year, I'd suggest a stroller for you. The airlines will hold the stroller at the gate. Instead of a stroller, you might want to try one of these Gogo Kidz Travelmates. These have reviews!!

Rolling Carry-on: I didn't have to deal with bags slipping off my shoulder, because my carry on had wheels. I strapped my little bag onto the carry-on. When getting onto the plane, usually someone volunteered to put the stroller in the overhead compartment. People are soooo nice when you're traveling alone with a baby or if you're pregnant. :)

Nursing Covers: If your nursing while traveling on an airplane, the best thing you'll need is a nursing cover. A blanket will only do so much to shield you from the stranger sitting only inches away. I love bebe au lait nursing covers, but they are a bit expensive. I've learned how to sew them.

Earplanes: Have you ever been on an airplane and a baby is screaming from the ear pain? I always have felt so sorry for these little ones, and as a mother, I've always feared that Laney would be the one screaming. Well, scream no more baby. I haven't tried these "Earplanes", but they have incredible reviews.

Traveling while potty-training:

Every parent knows that consistency is the backbone of teaching your child anything. I have found several really good travel potties.

Potty 1
Potty 2
Potty 3

When Laney was eight months old, we went to Harbor Island, SC on a week long trip to the beach. It was her first time at the beach. If at all possible, having a wagon at the beach was so nice. Laney's grandparents showed up with the wagon, and it was the best thing for us as we went for strolls on the beach or took a stroll down to the community pool. We love the Radio Flyer Wagon that has two seats and an umbrella that can clamp down anywhere on the wagon to shield the sun.

Another helpful thing to buy is non-toxic sunscreen and swim diapers. There are also mesh slings for carrying your baby while at the beach so they don't get overheated or if you wanted to sit on the edge of a pool or what not and get splashed a bit.
Lastly, concerning high chairs and booster seats while traveling, we used a little inflatable booster seat that we bought at Target. It's trim, comfortable for the babies to sit in and easy with which to travel.


We also visited the mountains when Laney was seven months old. We had picnics outside, visited the little mountain stores and went on a trail walk to see the waterfalls. Babies love nature walks. As you can see here in the picture, after walking on a long trail, the babies fell asleep in their carriers. We also brought a baby swimming pool that was a few inches deep, filled it up and put it on the back deck. You could bring a deeper pool for bigger children. It didn't take long for that tiny pool to heat up.

Happy travels!!!

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Mallory & Amy Gabriel said...


1. LOVE the black and white pic of you guys on the beach. It's precious!

2. I bought the Bebe Au Lait nursing cover after you suggested it in an earlier post. I found mine on Ebay for only $20 (and it was new!). (I also saw that some Targets are starting to sell these now.) My husband won a cruise back in November, and we took the little guy when he was only 2 months old! I nursed him all over that ship, and while lying in a hammock at the Bahamas, thanks to that nursing cover. It's awesome!

3. I was wondering if you ladies could do a week on how to incorporate Christ into your Easter celebrations. I just read Noel Piper's book, so her ideas have triggered my brain. The week on Making Memories was great, but I was wondering if there were any ideas specific to Easter that you would be willing to share.

Thanks again for an awesome blog!

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