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I have been reading to Laney from very early on in her first year, but she really didn't start initiating "reading" on her own until around twelve months of age. I was a bit concerned that she wouldn't be a reader, but now that she's almost 15 months, when I hear the house instantly go quiet, usually it's because she found a favorite book and has sat down to flip through it. In the squirmy stages of her first year, there were only a few books that caught her attention for just a little bit. Most times she wouldn't stay still long enough to finish the book, but we were able to get pretty far into it. I just LOVE to see Laney's interest in books and our "down time" before bed is such a sweet time of praying and reading. Having her sit still in my lap while we read her kids Bible is such a sweet memory I'll always cherish. Here are some of Laney's favorite books:

Priddy Board Books: These are the small ones that are fun for them to hold and look through.

Goodnight Moon: Margaret Wise Brown
A classic! Laney always loves to point to the red balloon. :)

The Little Golden Bible Storybook:

Laney has ALWAYS loved this book. It's so visually stimulating! I love reading this book to her because I can make up my own story, since there's only one word per page(the pattern depicted on the page). This is a board book. There are also other books in this category like, "Go wild with Opposites" and "Go Wild with Noises". LOVE THIS BOOK!

Beep! Beep! on the farm: Kay Widdowson

This is another book by which Laney has always been intrigued. She has loved the little horn on it since the first time she heard it.

Last but definitely not least: Karen Katz books
A Potty For Me: Karen Katz

This book rocks! This is by far one of Laney's all time favorites. When Laney was just a wee little one, hardly even scooting on the floor, she would ALWAYS reach for this book and somehow make her way to the book. It's soooo colorful and has flip pages. She still loves it to this day. Now I have moved this book to the bathroom. Although Laney is only 15 months, she will sit on her potty and enjoy hearing me read this book to her. No tinkle yet, but I know it won't be long!

We just got this one below from a friend for her first birthday. Laney LOVES it to pieces! This is also a flip book.

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