This week with Will and Adeline

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This week started with Easter Sunday and my first time to church in more than 6 weeks! I was very excited and we actually made it on time to our 9:30 service. After church, we spent time and had lunch with Jacob's family. Will got a little basket that was filled with Elmo items. "MoMo" is the absolute favorite of Will's right now. He could not be more obsessed! He loves to read his "Momo" books, watch his "MoMo" video, color in his "MoMo coloring book, wear his "MoMo" backpack and give everyone kisses with his new stuffed "MoMo."

Here he is in his cute outfit that he wore to church. This was the best shot I could get being that he is in constant motion these days. He literally RUNS everywhere, all the time.

Later this week, Jacob took Will outside to play. I looked out the window and this is what I saw!

The car was a great playground for about 20 minutes. He pushed buttons and loved it. I thought it was too cute and just perfect for my curious 21 month old. I did however have some reservations about letting him play in the driver's seat...

Will also enjoyed lots of attention from his Grandma earlier this week when she came to help us out for a few days. Will has had two major challenges this week:

1. Adjusting to his new sister. He has learned that Adeline will cry when he does certain things (pokes her with the car keys, pushes her head, bumps her swing, etc.) and he is doing these things just to see her reaction. He also loves to share all of his toys with her, including "MoMo." The picture below shows the ball that he threw into her bed, narrowly missing her face. And I promise the bed below is not a dog bed, it's the Eddie Bauer travel bed that I thought would be a great place for her to sleep downstairs. Not so much when you have a toddler running around...

2. Dealing with the frustrations of BUCKLES. Will loves all buckles. Those on the car seats, the baby swing, the nursing pillow, the booster seat....He even yanks the blanket off his sister just to get to the buckles of her bouncy seat or swing. For the past week he has worked diligently to figure out how to buckle and unbuckle them. This process has lead to no less than 50 meltdowns. Thankfully, he's mastered buckling and now we just have to work on unbuckling.

The above picture pretty much sums up the daytime for Adeline. She's still in the very sleepy phase, although we're starting to see more alert time and even some fussy time in the evening. In fact, I just nursed her for the third time in 3 hours. And she's not snacking either! We've either hit the 3 week growth spurt or she is cluster feeding. Night sleep is still fairly smooth and she's sleeping solid between feedings. She's finally gotten the hang of nursing while I'm lying down. I can't believe she is almost 3 weeks old!

Next week will bring a new challenge for me...caring for BOTH Will and Adeline by myself for the entire day. I'm very thankful to have had 3 full weeks to recover from my c-section before having to do this!

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