One More Thing from Samuel

Posted by  | Friday, March 28, 2008  at 10:45 AM  
I forgot to mention the other thing that is going on with Samuel this week. He has a real obsession with "pee-pees". He points to himself a lot and says "pee-pee". He also will sometimes bring a toy animal to me and point to its nether regions and say "pee-pee". I don't know what it's all about! We did buy him a potty a few weeks ago and I try to talk to him about going to the bathroom, but we don't talk about it that much. I really don't care about him identifying "pee-pees" - I just find it really amusing and more than a little strange. I usually repeat, "yes, that's his pee-pee" and generally play along because I don't want him to associate that with shame. What is your experience in this area?

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Hollie said...

I loved the way you presented your schedule. So many wonder what it's like to transition to having two children. You presented it well. And you're so blessed to have Ed there with you for most of the daytime hours helping you. Great job Leah!

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