Current Favs of my soon-to-be TWO year old

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As I sat down to rack my brain for my current favorite products, I came up empty. Besides those already mentioned, I really could think of none. I know this is odd being that we're essentially rediscovering all kinds of products with our 5 week old; blame it on the hormones! So I decided to focus on products that my son loves! Of course, this means that I love them too. Will is 22 months and will turn TWO in June.

1. Shake n' Go speedway and cars by Fisher Price

I can take NO credit for this one. Michelle (Notes by Newsome) commented and recommended this product. My husband and I had been talking about looking for a race track of some kind at yardsales this spring. Will loves cars and pushing them around and I knew he would love something just like this. After Michelle mentioned it I did a quick Craigslist search for it. That day someone a few blocks away from me listed this set for $15! It's a little older than the ones being sold in stores now, but it would cost us $80 if bought new. I was thrilled and picked it up yesterday.

To say Will is excited would be the understatement of the year! You literally shake the cars up to get them going and off they go! He played with the race track for over an HOUR this morning. This is remarkable for my always-on-the-run-son.

2. I know Krista mentioned juicers and I would LOVE to get one very soon. Until then, we're stuck searching for the healthiest alternatives we can find. I've found a product that is seemingly more healthy than most juices and my son LOVES. We've always bought Simply Orange juice and loved it. Rarely do I buy any other juice other than 100% cranberry on occassion for myself!

We recently saw a commercial for their new "Simply Apple" and wanted to try it. It is not sweetened, concentrated or contain any additives. It is pure pressed and truly tastes like fresh apple juice. I gave Will some today for breakfast - very watered down because he rarely has juice. He LOVED it and kept asking for more. My husband and I love it too!

3. Ok, so I did come up with a product that is MY favorite and not just Will's. This AMAZING bib from Walmart. I am serious when I say that NO OTHER compares. My sister in law introduced us to this bib. I believe the brand is kid connection or whatever the Walmart brand is. They are about $3 each. It is hard to explain - so I took pictures of Will wearing his. It has snaps that create a VERY functional pocket. You can then unsnap it to wash it easily. They can also go in the washer and ours has many times. Another idea for this bib (also from Brandy - my SIL) is to use it to hold snacks while traveling in the car. The pocket is so deep, just dump a few crackers in there for your child to snack on.


Shannon said...

Totally agree with you on that bib - the only one big enough to actually keep Maggie's clothes clean, and catch all the dropped food.

Plus, I love that I can spray it down, wipe it off, and hang it on the pantry door, rather than throwing a food/beverage-soaked cloth bib in the hamper to ferment for a few days before wash day! :)

Brandy said...

love the shout-out on the bibs...I wish I would've known about them longer.

also love the race track--Jackson would love it too, I'm sure. Can we invite ourselves to come play one morning next time we're in Raleigh???

Jen said...

I also LOVE these bibs and I actually throw mine in the dishwasher. top rack on top of the cups and stuff.

NotesbyNewsome said...

Bravo on getting your shake-n-go track from craigslist! I got mine from ebay and I would definitely recommend (as you did) to check ebay or craigslist first b/c you can get it for soooo much less than in the store (I got 4 cars and the track for $20...including shipping). I'm glad your son enjoys it as much as mine does!! Again, if you have an active, car-loving little boy it's worth it!!


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