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I racked my brains this week trying to think of a few products to review for the blog. I realized that most of my top products have already been covered (slings being numero uno). I will give you two new products we are using that I really like and two new products that we bought/had given to us that I don't like so much.

1. Chicco Caddy Hook-On Chair - Our church family shares a meal each week after our meetings and we love to use this chair. It doesn't take up any extra space while in use and stores away really compactly. Samuel loves being able to sit right at the table with everyone else. The weight limit goes up to 37 pounds, so you can get a lot of use out of it.

2. Nursing Cover - Hollie talked about these nursing covers in one of her previous posts. She has even made some of her own covers that are just beautiful! I also sewed up a few of my own - I kept one for myself and gave the other to a friend. It was super easy and I LOVE using this cover. It is so handy for nursing when out in public - church meetings, the library, Starbucks, etc.

And two products I'm not uber-excited about:

1. Graco High Chair - We bought this from a second hand store when we moved to Chicago because we had to leave our previous seat (which I loved) behind in California. We don't have a dinner table in the house we are renting; we eat at the bar in the kitchen. I bought a few barstools for the adults and figured I would just use the high chair to get us through until we buy a house and buy a table. The reason I don't like the high chair is that it is just so big and clunky and always in the way. I much prefered having the seat that strapped onto a dining chair or the hook-on I mentioned above. I have nothing against the Graco brand in particular - just big ol' stand alone high chairs in general.

2. Pack N Play with full size bassinet - My sister in law handed this down to me and, don't get me wrong, I am so thankful to have it. This is the kind of pack n' play that has the bassinet that you suspend from the top that is the same size as the floor of the pack n' play (do you get what I'm saying?). We have it in our bedroom for Joel to sleep. The reason I am listing it here in the products I'm not so hot about is because I would much prefer to have a smaller bassinet (like this one) to put him in. Actually, I would really like a Co-Sleeper, but they are too expensive, even second-hand. The first time I went to lay Joel down in this thing, I thought it seemed way to big for him and I didn't like how unsturdy it seemed (due to the fact that it is suspended from the top rails). I do look forward to using the pack n' play when he is bigger, but for use as a bassinet, I would much prefer an actual bassinet.

Please feel free to share any rants or raves that you all have as well. Thanks!


NotesbyNewsome said...

Things I love:
1. As stated by others...if you're nursing a nursing cover is a must! My nursing cover has made me soooo much more confident in my nursing, and I know it's contributed to my being able to nurse my second child longer than my first (I nursed #1 for 3 months, and #2 is almost 8 months and still going strong!)
2. A Bumbo Seat ...I got mine on Ebay for a great deal. My baby loves it and I can sit her in it to feed her or she can sit in it with the tray to play while we're eating. ( I sit it in the middle of the table while we're eating...it's NOT recommended for high places, but we're always right there in case she gets a little to excited to sit in it!)
3. (If you have a boy) Shake N GO racers...my son LOVES these!! The name says it all...just shake and they go! It keeps him active inside too because he's always running after them to shake them again!

Hollie said...

Thanks notesbynewsome for participating and telling us about your fav products!

Anyone else??

Christy said...

My daughter is six months old and right now her absolute favorite toy is a Bright Starts Teether Book. I got it at Wal-Mart for less than $4.00 and it has been worth every penny and more. It is a cloth book that crinkles and squeaks. It also has plastic on the corners to teethe on. It is our sure fire secret weapon to make her happy.

marymstraits said...

Any advice to prevent chewing on a crib? Our crib (that we hope lasts for any more children we may have) is now adorned with lovely teeth marks. Suggestions?

Christina said...


Do you remember our post on this??


Will totally chewed up the crib around his first birthday. I went to Babies R Us and bought the Gummi Crib Rail cover. It sticks to the railing and they can't get at the wood. It says it is removable, but we haven't tried. I know he'd still chew on it if we took it off. They also make the kind that you can pop on and off (made of hard plastic) but those didn't fit our crib rail. The gummi one should fit on any crib rail. Here's the link:


Christina said...

Ok - links didn't fit. Just go to our blog and search for "Woodchuck Will." And at Babies R Us search for "Gummi Crib Rail Cover."

Leah said...

My current favorite product is actually a maternity product, since I am expecting my second child. I used "Belly bands" when I was pregnant with my first, and they have definitely come in handy with my second. I can wear them over my unfastened non-maternity pants to hold the pants up and help through that 'in-between' stage when you don't fit in your regular pants OR maternity pants. You can also use them over maternity pants to help hold up the big stretchy waistband before your belly fits into it! I have also used them when I wasn't pregnant--I have a long torso, and I can wear these tube-top type bands to give me more modesty (make sure my top covers my pants). I think Belly Bands/Bella Bands are the name brand expensive kind, but Motherhood Maternity carries them for under $20 and they are called "Tummy Sleeves". Trust me, they will make your wardrobe last much longer--and you feel much more comfortable in your clothes!

Shannon said...

Ditto on those belly bands and nursing covers! Has anyone found nursing bras that are truly supportive? I'm so ready for my boobs and my ribcage to say goodbye to each other, haha! :)

Oh man, I really wish I had known about those gummi crib rail protectors when our little beaver was going through her stage.

This is funny, but my favorite toddler product is probably the little rubber Crock shoes (ours are not Crock brand.) Maggie loves them, and she's able to put them on and take them off herself, which makes life so easy. If we're going out the door, and I have Lilly in my arms (with a dozen other things) I can tell Maggie to put her shoes on, and she runs to the door to get them. Sweet.

My second favorite toddler product is cheap sidewalk chalk. We have so much fun with it. We live in an apt. complex, so there's not a lot for Maggie to do. And did you know that if you dip the chalk in water, it makes it color more smoothly and more vibrantly? (We learned this by accident when I was watering the plants.) So fun!

Hollie said...

Where did you get your crocs? Do they fall off?

Christina said...

All of these are great products!!

Michelle - I was looking for a good race car set for my son and I looked up the Shake N' Go cars...he would LOVE them. AND, I found some on Craigslist today! I'm probably going to save them until his birthday though. Thanks for the suggestion!

I second (or third) the bella band, nursing cover and CROCS!!! Will just got some crocs as a gift from a friend and they are so easy! His are a little big (6/7 and he could use a 4/5) but I couldn't stand the thought of him outgrowing the 4/5s before summer even got here.

Mallory & Amy Gabriel said...


My favorite nursing bras came from Target. I tried probaby ten different types- everything from Motherhood Maternity to Kohl's- before I found these. They are very lacey in front and come in black, white and pink. They are made by gilligan & O'malley Ultimate.

I have some sleeper bras from Motherhood Maternity and I LOVE them, but they aren't descent to wear in public- unfortunately!!

Good luck!

Shannon said...

Hey, thanks for the tips on bras!

Hollie, some of our crocs are hand-me-downs from a friend, but others we've bought are from Target or Walmart. (I've also seen them at Kohls and Academy... you might also try diaperswappers.) And they rarely fall off, especially if we keep the sling in the back. But she does kick them off as soon as she gets in the car, which is okay, because they're so easy to get back on! :)

Christy said...

I haven't bought it yet, but I'm looking at a nursing bra from Bravado. It's the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. http://www.bravadodesigns.com/product.asp?ID=109

It is expensive, but it looks promising. Has anyone else tried it and liked/disliked it?

Alyson said...

I would have to agree about the crocs. My son wore them all summer last year and we are planning on getting him another pair this year and baby girl a pair too when she starts walking. The style we got him was called the crocling. (I have seen them here in the Wake Forest area at Dillards and at Lily Mae's in the Factory.) It has a stretchy fabric that keeps them on. It was so easy to get them on him and go where ever we needed to go. I will probably get baby girl a pair of the mary janes though because they are so cute!
Another favorite in our house is the garabage truck and the UPS truck. My son LOVES to watch the garabage man come and dump the trash into the truck. (We also have used you tube to search this plus fire truck parade with sirens)He loves the UPS truck because my husband drives some for them and he calls it a Daddy truck.
We also LOVE LOVE LOVE the seeds worship cds. You can check them at www.seedsmusic.com. They are all scripture verses put to great music. Gabriel, two years, sings alot of the songs, hiding the word in his heart and he doesn't even know it yet!
I would love to know how to make the nursing cover for future shower gifts and/or for myself if the Lord blesses us with more children. Where can I find the directions to make it?

Leah said...

I bought a Bravado nursing bra with my first and LOVED it! I can't tell you which kind it was--it was the basic 'sports bra' style--but it worked great. The biggest issue was that I got hot in that bra over the summer. And, quite frankly, I am small chested and sports bras are not the most flattering--but it was the best I used!

Alyson-I am sending you an email about the nursing cover. We'll chat soon!

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