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Last month, I loved the fact that I introduced my Pediatrician to Dr. Sear's latest book "Vaccines." He had no clue as to it's existence, and Dr. Sear's is a renown Doctor in Pediatrics. I have a really awesome Pediatrician as well. The next month, I went back to Laney's Pediatrician to tell him that we still were studying up on vaccines and that we weren't ready to move forward yet. He recommended to me Dr. Sear's book "Vaccines," and had completely forgotten that I was the one who introduced it to him. I was smiling on the inside. I love it when that happens!! I felt like a good student who did her homework!

As a parent, you face so many decisions on behalf of your child:
  • How much t.v. should your child be exposed to
  • How to prepare and feed your child the best food for their health
  • What should discipline look like for your extra-sensitive child
  • How to know which car seat is ranked the best for safety and protection
  • Should I home school my children
  • Should I avoid all vaccines, do a delayed schedule, or accept all vaccines
  • What toys should I avoid buying due to recent discoveries of lead
  • Should I give my child antibiotics for her ear infection or take a risk with alternative methods to possibly bring healing

These are only just the beginning questions of parenthood, and what better way to start parenting than by studying up and showing oneself approved. We have got to push ourselves as parents to find out for ourselves what we really believe by digging deep into the shelves of Gone are the days of relying solely on our Doctor's opinion or for some of you, even our parent's opinions as to how you should raise your children. Great things in technology have opened up incredible doors for us as parents, doors through which previous generations did not walk. At the same time, new doesn't always mean better. Here recently, I've learned how to take a step back and look at the richness of what used to be concerning nutrition, family life and education. Research, research, research! Parents, let's get our noses stuck in these pages! Granted, we don't have a lot of time on our hands to do such, but at least try to read one book every month. You need some room for fun reading as well, so you could read at least 3-4 books a year dedicated to parenting alone. There are SO many things you could read about, and once you make it your goal to read at least four books a year, you have a hard time picking which ones to read first! What a great problem to have.

If you are a parent who is a believer in Jesus Christ, who has a growing relationship with Jesus, you also have the responsibility to continue growing to KNOW HIM. READ YOUR BIBLES!! Find at least a 15 minute window for starters and seize that time to breathe in those life-giving words from the Word of God. As parents, we've GOT to be tapped into the VINE, for where else comes discernment, self-control, a love for others, selflessness, joy, forgiveness, direction, dreams to have a God-glorifying family....and the list is endless. I can tell you that having a baby will turn your WORLD upside down and inside out for a while. However, there are still creative ways to get some of the WORD into your day, even if it doesn't look like what it used to look like. Fight for that time with the Lord. If your sitting in that glider for eight of the twelve daytime hours you're "supposed" to be up, and you're so cross-eyed from no sleep (thus unable to read a sentence,) download a few sermons onto your ipod, shuffle or simply burn a cd. Put on a praise cd and PRAISE HIM! It is well for your soul to praise the Lord DURING tough times, as well as during bountiful times. Write scripture on index cards and flip through them throughout the day committing them to memory. Carry one around in your back pocket (or in the pocket of your daytime robe. Hee-hee!) Accept the fact that your time with the Lord is going to look way different than you've ever experienced before and then, roll with the punches. Here are a few resources that may help you get going again (or gear up for this time of change that's ahead):

One on One with God : Even if you haven't been through this study, check out the Daily Bible Reading Plan that you can download for free under the link "order". This is an amazing study and you could even teach yourself using the teacher's manual. I did! :) Most of the time people don't study up in the Bible, because they don't know where to begin, and they don't have a plan.

Scripture Memory Box: I LOVE this method of hiding God's Word in my heart. It's the most amazing method I've heard of. I had someone give me a box in college about ten years ago(wow. ten years ago. time flies.) and it's proven to still be the best system yet. Check it out!

We are now at the end of April and almost to May. I'm curious to know what you've read this 2008 year that educated and benefited you as a parent. You should have at least read one book or some kind of parenting resource in the first quarter of this year. So readers, impress us! Share with us either what you've read or what you're wanting to read this year (titles of books.) Thanks for dropping by!


Shannon said...

Really good post, Hollie. I can't believe you introduced your prediatrician to that book - that's awesome. We are currently in search of a good ped, as we've become very unhappy with the one we had.

Oh, I so agree with making time for studying, not just the word, but searching for wisdom and knowledge as we parent. I thank God (and my mom) for instilling in me a passion for reading and studying.

Keep at it!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Since we are new to the WF area and am not sure when I am supposed to have our pediatrician chosen, can you tell me who your pediatrician is? I am trying to compile a list as I find folks with small kids in the area so I will have something to work with. My email address is or you could go to our blog (click the name link above) and just leave a comment there.

As for books, I am currently working through reading 1 & 2 Samuel (since we are naming our boy Samuel) and "Bringing up Boys" by Dr. Dobson. Since I am an only child and never was around boys too much in my life, I have a lot to learn! HA!

I have enjoyed reading this blog and have gleaned TONS of good information from it! Keep it up, girls!


Hollie said...

You ARE quite the book-reader and researcher! You have always encouraged me to dig deeper.

I will definitely email you with two Ped recommendations. One is pro-vaccines and the other will respect whatever you desire as a mother. One is in WF and the other is 30 minutes away. I'll email soon!

Melissa Pearce said...

Hollie- I just returned that book to the library today (I had it for over a month!) and I didn't get to finish it, but got enough out of it to know that I am doing a revised vaccine schedule. ( And my ped approves!) What modifications have you decided to make? My son is 5 1/2 weeks old, and he hasn't had any shots yet.
love hearing your posts -

The Hudgins said...

we'll also start "Bringing up Boys" (Dobson) this year since we're going to be blessed with another boy...

and asah and i are doing a "5 year marriage checkup" by reading "The Intimate Mystery: Creating Strength and Beauty in your Marriage" by Allender and Longman

i enjoy reading books WITH my husband so that we can discuss at night or on dates and stuff.

i'd also caution readers to consider the source of what you read. a lot of stuff on the internet isnt very accurate...but books by reputable authors are more reliable...however, judge it all by "The" Book and you'll be ok....just my 2 cents.

Hollie said...

Stephanie and Tara,
I forgot to mention that I think it's awesome that you're reading Bringing Up Boys. Even in college when I wasn't even married, I wanted to read it, because I was so curious as to what he says in there. I bet it's really good! I might be asking one of you to do a book report on it on POH one day. Oh and has Dobson written a book on "Bringing Up Girls"? :)

Great job on studying up!! As for me, I really didn't even get into the vaccine issue until Laney was about 6 months old. I struggled with it for a while and after Laney's 9 month check-up, she hasn't had any more vaccines. She has never gotten the live-virus vaccines that start at 12 months. I'm still uncertain as to what to do, but like I said, we're still reading. This is a tough issue on my heart and I have to get a peace from the Lord about what we are to decide. That's really what it's all about....your peace and honoring your husband's opinion as to what to do concerning your children. If he is adamant about getting vaccines and won't budge an inch, pray about it and know that your higher calling is to honor him. Maybe the Lord will change his mind, maybe not. All that to say, it's all a work in progress and a very hard issue at that. Keep up the good work and thanks for dropping by.

Hollie said...

I want to hear more about that 5 year marriage study you're doing as well. AWE-SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruth Palmer said...

quick question...for those that are not comfortable with the "routine" vaccine schedule that is in place with most dr's, are you just hoping to delay vaccines, or not get them at all? Just curious mainly because I know that in order for my daughter to start school she HAD to have most of them by a certain age, so that's why I wondered.

I know this is becoming a bigger issue for many people, so I'm anxious to see what others think. I had never even thought about it, so all my kids have had the normal shots.

Hollie said...

There are several vaccines that I will probably end up getting, but I do not plan to get the MMR or the chicken pox, as those are diseases I can live with Laney having. With Polio comes the risk of being paralyzed, so I will probably finish the polio series. I would not be able to live with myself if Laney was paralyzed after catching Polio. At this point in time, I plan to homeschool Laney for at least the first few years of school. We'll see how that goes with other little ones running around. Yikes! Also, you can fill out a form that exempts you from vaccines for religious reasons, being that God has given you the full responsibility to care for your child to the best of your ability. Some feel that by giving vaccines we are harming our children, and I have to agree. I know of one family in particular who has done this. Most universities respect this exemption form as well.

Leah said...

I just finished reading The Vaccine Book. I also talked things through with my doctor. She was great at explaining to me what she thought were the most important vaccines and what she thought could be delayed. I strongly suggest that you talk this issue through with your doctor. We have decided to delay a few of the shots for Joel (Hep B & Polio), but will probably do all of them except for Chickenpox. One of the main reasons I've decided to do almost all of the vaccines afterall is from the public health standpoint - so many of these diseases have been greatly reduced or eliminated from the US because of universal vaccines. It is true that this is a real hot topic - and I didn't even know about it until about 1 year ago. Maybe we will cover this issue one week on POH.

Oh, and to follow up on Hollie's last comment, it varies state to state as to religious or personal exemptions for enterance into school - you really have to check with your specific state laws.

Leah said...

I would recommend:
Family Driven Faith by Vodie Baucham, which (to quote the front flap:-) "equips Christian parents with the tools they need to raise children biblically in a post-Christian, anti-family society." My husband and I both read it and found it challenging and thought-provoking.

Mistaken Identity by the Van Ryn and Cerak families, which is the true story of two girls whose identities were switched after a terrible car accident. The book chronicles the entire event and gives the families opportunity to share their faith with the world. It was both humbling (their faith is much greater than mine) and inspiring.

Why We're Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be), by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck, which is an easy to read examination of the emergent church movement. The back cover calls it "provocative yet playful"--which makes it a fun read!

Hollie said...

Leah P.,
Thanks for the follow-up on state-laws. I second that recommendation.

Leah in Wake Forest,
Wow! Look at you! Go Leah go! Thanks for sharing! I've heard of Vodie's book, "Family Driven Faith." My friend Shannon Hazleton who comments on here a lot has read that book and recommended it to me. It's on the list! Thanks for sharing.

Shannon said...

Yep! :)

Ruth Palmer said...

Thanks for the response Hollie! Like I said, I had never really known vaccines were an issue until my older 2 kids already had most of them.

I can understand not getting the chickenpox one since it's so new. The only thing that scares me is that my sis-in-law actually got chickenpox as an adult (not shingles) & she said it was one of the most miserable things in her life, so if I KNEW my kids would get it as children & be done with it, I'd probably forego the vaccine.

And as for the MMR, I think that yeah, I probably don't know enough about it yet. But, I will say again, that my 2nd daughter got really sick last March & the doctor thought at first that she might have mumps. I've never seen her so sick or her neck so swelled up, but it ended up just being infected lymph nodes luckily that were treated with antibiotics.

I will probably pick up that book just to educate myself better! Thanks a bunch!

Mallory & Amy Gabriel said...

A lady at our church recently mentioned to me that Dobson is currently writing Bringing Up Girls. Maybe check his website for details.

I second the recommendation for Family Driven Faith. My husband is a youth pastor and presented the topic of teenagers leaving the faith on a recent Sunday night. This book was one of his main sources and I have found it to be one of the best reads of this year.

The POH week on Parenting Book Reviews was one of my favorites. Maybe we could revisit that topic again????

Hollie said...

Thanks for letting us know what your fav POH post has been in the past. We appreciate feedback as such, and we will DEFINITELY consider revisiting that topic, as new books are constantly being introduced and old books are being discovered. ;)


Shannon said...

I just put together our Scripture Memory box - and i'm so excited about using it! This will be a great way to stay on track with hiding God's Word in our heart - and modeling it for our children!

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