Tough week!

Posted by  | Friday, April 25, 2008  at 10:45 PM  
I'm going to link to a few posts on my personal blog to give the long version about what is hard about parenting this week. In case you don't want to read them - the short version is that my son is sick with his first double ear infection and my daughter is in a really tough fussy/colicky stage right now. This is meaning one really stressed Mommy who is doubting her ability to be a stay-at-home Mom, which I'll officially be mid-June. (Right now I'm on maternity leave from teaching...)

Read this post about the beginning of the week when we realized Will was sick.

This post was written at 5am while I was up with Adeline who wouldn't sleep.

This post asks for feedback from those with newborns. Feel free to help me out and tell me what your current bedtime routine is looking like.

Thursday night was pretty tearful as I reached a breaking point. My wonderful husband really helped out though and supported me. Today and the rest of the weekend, I am visiting my parents while he goes camping. Praise the Lord - he has answered prayers and Adeline had a great day and easy bedtime! Will is also feeling better and had a great day playing with my parents and at the park. He was very obedient and has done great sleeping here so far!

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Shannon said...

Christina, I certainly feel for you! And I hope you're having a better week than last. I'm certainly not a fanatic about this, but I was wondering when your little girl starting having such a hard time sleeping. My friend's baby did the same thing, but it start right after her 2 month vaccines. And after getting some 2nd and 3rd opinions, other doctors told her this was a side-effect of vaccines in some babies, and suggested a different vaccination schedule for her.

Other advice I've been given is to put baby down (to sleep) as soon as she starts to show signs of sleepiness.

You are certainly not new at being a mommy, so I'm sure you're doing everything you should; remember this is just a season! (And pray it's not a long one! haha.)

And for your little boy, my girls both were sick this past week and it was torture. But Hollie offered me some great advice - some things that really helped them out. I'm sure she'd love to share with you too.

I pray your little ones are healthy and restful this week.

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