Sarah's Laughter

Posted by  | Wednesday, April 9, 2008  at 4:42 PM  
I received the following e-mail from a friend regarding our posts for this week. I wanted to pass it along to the rest of you readers:

The infertility posts made me wonder if you've heard of the Sarah's Laughter ministry in Baton Rouge? When we miscarried twins before our daughter was born, I looked high and low for somebody to give me scriptural encouragement. This place deals with both infertility and child loss, and from what I can tell, is very biblically sound. Beth Forbus, the lady who founded it, is part of the Church of God. She actually included our story in a wonderful book called When Love and Sorrow Meet. So, the website for the ministry is Sarah's Laughter. You might look it over and recommend it to your readers.

I looked through the website and thought it was a definite pass along. Anyone else have experience with this site?

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