Typical Day? Ha!

Posted by  | Wednesday, May 21, 2008  at 12:00 AM  
Our "typical" has been constantly changing for about the past 3 months and will continue to do so for quite some time. After bedrest, a c-section, gallbladder surgery and now going back to work - we are in survival mode! As Stacey said, there are seasons to life and our current season is full of trials that make a "typical" day next to impossible!

So to be quite honest, there has been no typical or normal. The only thing consistent over the past three months has been inconsistencies! Because of all the craziness, I missed out posting last week on housekeeping. But again, I really don't have much to offer since we are in "survival mode" right now. Here is my attempt at what a "normal" day (when I'm NOT working) might look like:

6:00am - Jacob is up and getting ready for work. Depending on the day, I may get up and shower at this time or I wait until Will's morning quiet time.

6:30am - Adeline wakes up and nurses.

7:00am - She usually falls back asleep.

7:30am - Will wakes up for the day and eats his breakfast.

8:00am - Adeline wakes for the day (sometimes not until 9am if she had a long night!). Will plays in the living room while I get Adeline changed and dressed for the day. Then she hangs out on her play mat, bouncy seat or swing (if she's fussy and she usually is...) while I clean the kitchen. She usually falls asleep again before the next feeding, but we have not mastered a nap schedule at all yet!

9:00am - Will has "quiet time" in his crib. This involves about an hour of quiet play with books and toys in his bed. I play music for him, but he doesn't sleep. This is what his morning nap evolved into and I LOVE it. It gives me time to feed the baby in peace, shower and get a few more chores done (like cleaning the house in case we have a showing!).

9:30am - Adeline nurses.

10:00am - Will is up from quiet time and plays again. Sometimes during this time, we'll get out of the house for a fun trip, errands, walk around the neighborhood, etc.

10:30am - Adeline usually falls asleep again. If we are home, I let Will watch the second half of Sesame Street on PBS. This is when elmo is usually on (Elmo's world) and he loves elmo!

11:30am - Will plays and Adeline sleeps while I get lunch ready.

12:00pm - Lunch.

12:30pm - Will goes down for his afternoon nap. Adeline nurses. After she nurses, she has tummy time (since brother is not around to "help") and then just plays with me.

1:30pm - Adeline is usually asleep by this time. Since both are napping, I can nap myself or get more work done. If we have a showing on the house, I am frantically cleaning eveything up and packing the car for us to leave for an hour or so!

3:30pm - Will usually wakes up from his nap. Adeline nurses. Will plays while I nurse. The afternoon time is usually when we color, play with playdoh, fingerpaint, help Mommy cook, etc. Will loves to help me in the kitchen or play with the tupperware, etc.

The above pic is Will playing with Adeline when I put her in his crib after he woke up from nap one day. He LOVED it.

6:00pm - Dad is home from work and we eat dinner. After dinner we go on a walk as a family. Sometimes, we go on a walk before dinner depending on the day and Will's mood, etc. Adeline is usually taking her evening nap during our walk (if she isn't sleeping, then she screams for the whole walk...)

6:30pm - Adeline nurses (or gets bottle from Dad - she's having a hard time with the bottle and we're trying to learn this skill again now that I'm back at work!)

7:00pm - We start bedtime with Will. His routine is bath, 2 books, bible time, song, prayers and bed. We both do the bedtime routine with Will really love our time with him. He loves reading his bible and praying. (Most nights anyway...) Actual bedtime with Will can vary anywhere from 6:30 to 7:30 depending on how his nap went and how tired he is.

7:30pm - Lately, we flow right into Adeline's bedtime routine after Will's. She gets a bath and some play time with Mom and Dad. Then she nurses.

8:00pm - Adeline is down for the night. This is so ideal...does NOT happen every night. We're making improvements in the sleep department and actually had a huge victory last night! Last night she first had trouble falling asleep and ended up falling asleep in her carseat on the dryer around 9pm. When Jacob went to bed after me, he just moved her carseat into her room and didn't even put her in her bed. She slept until 6am!! Woohoo!! The amazing thing is that she did this the night before I went back to work (at 10 weeks old). Will did the EXACT same thing and slept through the night for the first time the night before I went back to work. The Lord knows how much I can handle for sure! Such an amazing testimony to the Lord's faithfulness!

After both kids are down for the night here is the running list of what I might do with the next two hours before I got to bed around 10pm:

  • laundry (I try to do one load a night - diapers are done every other day.)
  • cleaning
  • grocery shopping (I LOVE doing this at night - no one is there!)
  • making bread or preparing breakfast, crockpot dinner, etc.
  • packing lunches
  • cleaning the kitchen from dinner (if we were rushed from our walk)
  • enjoying a little TV (if it's Thursday night!)
  • reading
  • blogging
  • time with Jacob
  • cleaning out the car from the day's activities
  • packing my stuff for school (including the good ol' breastpump!)

Even though our life is crazy and I feel as though we have NO schedule, it all still gets done! Jacob is a huge part of this and he actually does the dinner dishes every night. (When I was on bedrest, he cooked too!) He often helps with laundry and he also vacuums and changes the cat litter.

We often pray that the Lord would multiply our time so that we could get all the chores done and still have time for fun stuff too. He is faithful and we're always amazed at how much we can get done when we think there isn't enough time! This is especially true right now when we're literally cleaning the whole house each night. I look forward to the next phase in our lives when we're settled in our new home (wherever that might be) and I'm there full time!


Curt, Mariah, & Carli Badura said...

Wow! You are really busy and a great encouragement.

What are the ages of your children? Carli is almost 20 months and our 2nd blessing is due 12/1! We are very excited but I am a little nervous about time management, but know everything will work out!


Christina said...


They are almost exactly 21 months apart. Will is going to be two in a few weeks and Adeline is 2 months. It totally does work out - although I have to say that adding baby #2 has been far more challenging than adding baby #1. But that could totally be our circumstances too...

Either way - the Lord is faithful! We have seen that time and again over the past 3 months of our crazy life.

Rachael Davis said...

I absolutely love that you taught Will to have quiet time in his room in leiu of his morning nap...I wish we would have done that with Lana when she was dropping her morning nap. I'm definitely going to try that with the next one! Thanks for a great tip.

Leah said...

Yes-great idea about the morning quiet time! Can you share tips about how you made that transition from nap to just quietly playing, or did it just 'happen'?

Christina said...

First - Rachael - I totally met you the other day when I picked up the Little People airport for my mother in law!! Too funny because earlier this week Shannon (who reads and comments too) bought our jogging stroller from us through Craigslist too!

Leah - I started realizing that Will was not sleeping during this time. Or if he did sleep, he wouldn't sleep in the afternoon. I knew he was ready to drop that nap - so I just started putting books and safe toys in his bed and telling him he could read books or play with his toys and he did! Not much to it! He LOVES this time now and asks for it. Actually, if he misses this time - he's pretty grumpy by his real nap time.

The only problem I've encountered is that he EATS his books. He's pretty much quit now, but not before almost all of our board books have corners chewed off of them!! I think this started when he was teething and continued to be a fun game...I'll go in and find little paper bits everywhere.

Leah said...

Christina-Thanks for the tips! Georgia is the same way--she will either not sleep, or if she DOES sleep, her afternoon nap is completely out the window, and then I am a grumpy mom. I will have to try this. Thanks for the advice.

Christy said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this. My computer died so I haven't had the chance to catch up on blogs much.
I just wanted to commend you for your attitude about all that's going on with your family right now. When I saw you at church the other day you didn't complain at all. If it were me, I'd probably be doing a lot of that.
You are so wise to remember that it will pass soon and that you'll make it through. It was a real encouragement to me.
If the Lord chooses to bless us with another little one any time soon I'm sure I'll need you to remind me of the same thing :)

Curt, Mariah, & Carli Badura said...


Thanks so much for sharing. I'm just now feeling human again... Cole was 8 weeks this past Saturday and Carli turned 2 on 9/27/08.

Did you have jealousy issues? Carli just started hitting this past week... :-(


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