A Typical Day with Two Boys

Posted by  | Thursday, May 22, 2008  at 12:00 AM  
After 2 months, we are finally getting into a bit more of a routine around our house. We all get up at 8:00 am. (Joel ends his nights in bed with us). After diaper changes and breakfast we all play together for awhile. I shower at some point during this time as well as clean the kitchen. Samuel and I eat lunch at 12:30 and then Samuel goes down for a nap at 1. I usually try to nap a little during this time as well because I am still up quite a bit at night with Joel. I also use this time to do all my computer stuff (e-mail, blogging, etc). Ed eats lunch at 2:30 and then goes to work at 3:00. Samuel usually gets up shortly after Ed leaves. Now that the weather is nicer, I stick Joel in the pouch sling and push Samuel in the stroller down to the park. We head back home and get dinner started at 5:30. Ed comes home from work at 6:00 or so to eat dinner with us. Then he puts Samuel to bed at 7:00 while I clean up the dinner dishes. We usually have enough time left in Ed's dinner break to play a game or talk on the couch. Then Ed heads back to work and I take care of whatever chores are left for the day, work on the computer, and read or watch TV. I am a big night owl and love to stay up until Ed gets home from work at 11, but that's not such a good idea these days. I'm trying to make myself go to bed between 9 and 10. I am still up with Joel 2-3 times at night.

Our typical day is actually a lot of fun. I love having my husband home during the day with us. We truly are each other's best friend. And my boys get to spend a TON of time with their dad. The one thing we need to work on is building a consistent family devotion time into our schedule. We do read a Bible story and pray with Samuel before bed, but I'd like to have a family devotion time in the mornings with all of us.

Please feel free to share about a typical day at your house and/or how that's changed since having kids. Have a great week!


NotesbyNewsome said...

I feel like the biggest neccessity of our day right now is for James to do some hard core playing outside. Now that might mean going to the park and him climbing, running, and jumping on everything in sight...or we might simply go to our hill out back and I'll throw a ball with him, and he'll run up and down the hill. This REALLY helps to release some of his energy and it makes him much calmer and a better listener in the evenings. Not to mention it really helps him to fall asleep faster at nap time and night time.

Samantha is on a WONDERFUL schedule right now. She wakes at 7:30 to nurse, and then goes back to sleep. She wakes around 9:30, eats again, and then is ready to play. She eats "lunch" (baby food and nurses) around 12:30-1:30 and then goes down for her nap. She wakes up from her nap anywhere from 3:30-5 (normally closer to 3:30). She eats baby food, plays, nurses, and then goes down for bed b/t 7:30-8. That's it!! (James was not this easy).

I love hearing about the schedule of others! It's always good to get different ideas!


Jen said...

what a blessing to have daddy home during the day! that is going to be a time you will all always cherish!


Shannon said...

That picture of the two of them in the high chair is so funny and cute. Boys are so foreign to me, with having my two girls. It's fun to read about how different it is to have boys.

Hollie said...

How awesome it is to have Ed so close by so he can be a part of the daily routine. Usually, with the 3:00-11:00 schedule, Dads are gone for the day's events and meals. How blessed you are to have that special time with Ed and the kids!

I hope you're keeping track of how the last two months have been, as well as the months that are to follow. I'm not pregnant or anything, but I when I am one day, I'll need your wisdom!

Curt, Mariah, & Carli Badura said...


Thanks so much for sharing. Glad to hear it took you ~2 months to get your routine back... I'm just now feeling human again... Cole was 8 weeks this past Saturday and Carli turned 2 on 9/27/08.

Did you have jealousy issues? Carli just started hitting this past week... :-(


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