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Hey everyone! This week we wanted to take time to reflect on what we've discussed on Prayer of Hannah over the last few months and get feedback from our readers. We absolutely love when you leave comments because, not only can we learn from each other, but also we can see if the topics we're covering are relevant and helpful.

It seems like just yesterday we took the opportunity to "look back" the first time, but when I went through our blog entries I found it's been five months! During that time we've covered so many topics. For me, some of the highlights are as follows:
  • Making Memories with our Children - I loved this week and felt like it came at just the perfect time. Some of the things I took away from it were ideas to make fun "crafts" with your food; always thinking before throwing boxes or other items away to see if there could be some creative game our kids might enjoy; encouraging their imaginations with fun activities (ex. celebrating a birthday of one of their stuffed animals), etc.; and teaching, even at a young age, about serving others.
  • Discipline - That week was a turning point for me in disciplining Lydia. I realized that while I might be able to say all these things about discipline that I'd read in books, found Biblical, and agreed with, I wasn't actually doing them - for example, requiring first time obedience, everytime. I sought the Lord and talked with my husband at length and we began to implement changes (especially helpful was the Raising Godly Tomatoes website). I am so thankful for that discussion.
  • Helpful Advice we've Received - There were so many treasures to be found in what everyone shared that week - from natural remedies for sickness to advice from a baby shower many years earlier.

Well, this only scratches the surface of other recent topics. Everything from our struggles in parenting to infertility; favorite books for children and moms to our typical daily routines are several more. During the week as we share what's helped us, we hope you'll also share things that have maybe been helpful, or not so helpful over the past months. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say it's a joy and privilege to write on Prayer of Hannah. It is such a wonderful resource to read, learn, and grow as mothers trying to live and raise children for Jesus.

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ChezDeshotels said...

Wow, I was reading and I have been thinking about what each of you wonderful ladies have taught me over the past 5 months and WOW....I have spent the last year in a moving process and leaving my church home and various other changes. I had lost many of my relationships and POH has truly been such an inspiration. I have struggled to have women in my life that believe the same as me, and although my mom has been a wonderful mentor for me I want to tell each of you how much your dedication has meant to me.

Some of the things I can't thank you enough for:

1. Discussing of Fertility Issues....I so appreciate that and I cried buckets and my heart went out to each of you who had struggled with that. We have struggled with fertility for years and God gave us a miracle baby from Central Asia, and THe Lord has now blessed us with another miracle I am now 12 weeks pregnant with our second miracle.

2. Nutrition.
I have gained so much knowledge from your informaiton on nutriiton and I have really been motivated to change our families diet. I have seen such a huge change in Lydia's behavior just by changing the way we eat.

3. Cloth diapering.
I was the first mom to tell you no way...I WILL NEVER, but As I have read all of your information and researched many things I have decided to go this route with the new baby. (Actually even after I read the information I secretly though well Lydia is done with diapers so I don't have to feel guilty and I will never have more so there I won't have to do it! HAHA)

And Most importanly I have learned so much about these issues but I can't thank each of you enough for your advice on raising Godly children and on how to do scripture memory etc... because I can give my children the best food, memories and diapering system in the world but without a love and admonition of the Lord I have failed. May God Bless you all in this amazing journey.


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