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I've learned so much over the past few months. Thank you to all of you who post comments - you are a real encouragement to me. And as a side note, the other ladies who post on this blog are the real deal and I've learned so much from them as well. Here's my Top Five from the past five months:

1. Host a small group or other regular company in my home as a way of keeping it clean. Leah suggested this and it just makes perfect sense for me. I don't really like housekeeping, but I LOVE hospitality, so I can use my gift to strenghten my weakness.

2. Collect all items in a basket to be dispersed around the home. KC left this comment during Housekeeping week and it has been such a big help to me. We just moved into a two-story house with a basement and I am getting a little basket for each floor to collect things in and then put away in their proper places. It saves me SO much time from running up and down the stairs.

3. Be sensitive to women dealing with infertility. We had such an awesome week of sharing; I am so thankful for the women who were willing to write that week. I have been so much more aware of the issue and find myself heeding the advice given that week on almost a daily basis.

4. I am so excited to hear about new moms starting with cloth diapering. I've been able to hear from a few of you who have decided to make the switch and I applaud you. I hope all of your transitions go well and want you to know that you can always ask me questions if you get stuck in something.

5. This past week on discipleship has REALLY challenged me. I have so much to think and pray about; and so much to put into action! Thank you all for sharing your ideas. I praise God that He has put together so many godly women on this blog.

Well ladies, that's my Top Five. Please feel free to share what you've liked, what you didn't like, and any suggestions you may have for future topics. We are trying to build out our schedule for the rest of the year and would love to know what would help you most. Thanks!


Leah said...

Leah, apparently we share more than the same first name--#1 is me to a "T". In my heart, I dislike cleaning, but I love having people over to a clean house.

Over the past few months, I have enjoyed the suggestions about housekeeping, disciplining and discipling the most. Housekeeping is flat-out practical, while disciplining and discipling (interesting how similar the words are!) are practical and spiritual. All have given me lots of think about and pray through. Please keep up the good work, ladies!

marymstraits said...

I really enjoyed the cleaning week! I never even thought of having a cleaning schedule, but I made one and LOVE it! I've found that I feel so much more successful as a wife being able to stay on top of housework a little bit each day instead of trying to cram it all in on the weekends!

I also loved the week on memories. I really want to be able to give Noah and any other children we may have the gift of fun memories! And I LOVED hearing from moms/grandmas! Chris and I are going to make a point to be the house where friends can always come over.

I really like hearing about schedules, what parenting books are good, etc. Basically, I love pretty much everything!

One thing I think would be neat to hear about is your baby's milestones. I had someone tell me that Noah was autistic because he doesn't really walk yet, he doesn't say sentences yet, and because he rocks (to him it's dancing) when he hears music. He'll be 17 months Friday, by the way. I was just thinking it might encourage a lot of moms!

Thanks for such a great blog! I love it!

Shannon said...

I also think that's a great idea - I love having people come over because it MAKES me clean! :) Kind of like having a test - it makes you STUDY! :)

I second what you're saying. I'd also love to hear about schedules. This is all new territory for me, and I find myself wondering what to do with my kids all day. As far as your son being autistic, I used to teach autistic children. If you are truly concerned, there are many other signs of autism. But just because he doesn't walk or talk in sentences is not a true indication. My 9 1/2 month old also rocks ("dances") to music, and Maggie just now started talking in sentences recently - and she's over 2 years old.

Now, I'm REALLY looking forward to next week: How to Lose that Baby Weight! C'mon, ladies, I NEED this - haha!

Trey and Cheri said...

I just discovered your blog yesterday. What a wonderful resource for women trying to raise Godly children. I look forward to reading new posts as well as going back in the archives and looking at some I missed.

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