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First of all, sorry for the delay in starting this week's topic. The holiday weekend has been great for us, but busy with lots of family and friends!

This week we are giving more product reviews for toddler products. Since "toddler" really defines most kids up to about age three, we're all still living with toddlers and getting to experience many toddler products. (Except for Stacey - her house does not include any toddlers! Stacey, let us know if you want to borrow one for a while!)

My product reviews are all toys. We really try to limit the number of toys we have out for our kids, mainly because I can't stand clutter! But I think it helps to be certain that all of the toys are going to be engaging, age appropriate and fun! Here are the current favs of both Will and Mom.

Fisher Price Medical Kit
Will got this pretend doctor kit for his birthday back in June. He LOVES to give shots, listen to anything with his stethoscope, look in ears and wear his band aid. I actually think this set has helped ease his anxiety about going to the doctor! We talk about how the doctor will use the tool to look in his ears just like his pretend one. He no longer cries while getting his ears checked! This one costs about $10 at Target.


Will is almost 27 months old and LOVES to play with playdoh. We don't have any fancy playdoh sets, just some tubs he got for Christmas. We use kitchen utensils like plastic knives, forks, cookie cutters, other small bowls, etc. He loves to pretend he's making food. He also loves to make the "boy" shape (gingerbread cookie cutter) and pretend he's walking, climbing or running. I love this age, because they are just starting to develop their imaginations, which makes playdoh so much fun! This costs about $2 per tub. But stay tuned next for our "How to make your own..." - you just might find some good playdoh recipes!

Car Play mat

We just recently found this gem off Craigslist. It's originally from IKEA, but we don't have one of those nearby. (Yet anyways, there are rumors!!) He loves to push his cars around on this and even says, "this way" at the appropriate times. This was very inexpensive at only $15 if you were to buy it new at IKEA!

This picture just shows my son's funny obsession with trash! He has designated this as the trash truck (it's really a dump truck from his Little People Construction Site) and finds every piece of trash on our floor and under the couches. He then drives it around on the mat before taking it to the real trash can!

More Fisher Price Little People

In my last post on toddler products - I mentioned our love for Fisher Price Little People sets. Well, this is our current favorite! My Mom gave it to Will for Christmas and it says for ages 2-5. So we waited and brought it out a couple of months ago and he LOVES it. It is very interactive with lots of noises and things for the construction workers to do. (Notice that the dump truck for this set is the designated trash truck for his car mat too!) This one costs about $20 according to the Fisher Price website.

Other possible favorites

There are some other items that I would like to get Will in the near future. I will definitely be keeping my eyes out during upcoming yard sales for these things.
  • Pretend food - preferably not plastic! (I'm hoping Hollie will cover this next week with "How to make your own...")
  • Shopping cart to go with pretend food.
  • Play tent or fort that is easily folded.
Anyone have any suggestions for these or any other toddler products? We'd love to hear them!


Christy said...

Oh I love the Little People playsets. They are great for both of my boys. My 22 month old likes playing with the different characters and the vehicles especially and my 9.5 month old likes to hold and chew on the characters. I wish I had the doctors kit with the cloth bag. They came out with that about a month or so after I bought the one with the hard plastic case (not so easy to get all the pieces back inside - unless you do it just right). Yeah I am looking forward to trying the playdoh recipe that was featured on the TLC show Jon and Kate plus eight. It is edible so I am looking forward to that but it uses honey so I want to wait until my oldest is a little bit older. I have to look up again how long you should wait before introducing honey.

Kimberly said...

You can get really cute teepees that fold up for easy storage from here My kids really love theirs. It is great for rainy days or even naptime.

Christina said...

They say to wait until one year for honey. Here's info:

I totally forgot about those teepees! I've seen then before and thought how easy they would be to make...But I seriously say that about TONS of things and never get around to making them! :) Great idea!!

Christina said...

oops link cut off - here it is in two lines. Just copy and paste both.


Christy said...

I was thinking it was one year but I thought I remembered reading somewhere that you should wait until after age three. I read so many things that I tend to mix and match information, especially with the wonderful tool of the internet so much information is out there to be found. Thanks for the link.

Kelley said...

Great post! We live in Brazil so we are very choosy when it comes to toys and which ones to bring down (with our limited baggage). Great ideas!

Abigail said...

i'm fairly new to POH, I'm loving it! I'm not a Mom yet myself, but I work with Missionary Children of all ages as their parents prepare for the field, so I've really appreciated your site ladies!

I just encountered a wooden "Melissa & Doug" food play set and I loved it. Each food item can be "cut" into pieces (attached by velcro), so kids can prep food just like their parents. The toddlers I was with loved them. They are worth looking into for your son.

Hollie said...

Thanks for the Melissa and and Doug food kit. I love Melissa and Doug puzzles, so I'm sure I'd like these wooden blocks. Thanks again!

Christina said...

I just wanted to let you know that there was a recall on the older fisher price medical kids. Apparently the blood pressure cuffs that are red in color contain too much lead? (I think) You can get it replaced for free. Here is the info:

Just in case yours is red...ours is blue!

Lauren said...

I always count on other moms to know so much more than I do about safety issues! Is there a reason that y'all are preferring wood or other materials over plastic when it comes to play food?

Curt, Mariah, & Carli Badura said...


This is under another post...

"Christina said...
There are several possible concerns with plastic toys in general. They contain chemicals used to soften the plastic, making it less likely to break. They aren't the same as BPA in bottles, but the basis for the concern is the same. Too many chemicals that can be harmful for our kids! Plastic toys are not as concerning with an older child - but younger children tend to put everything in their mouth. Especially play food. I would imagine that lead can be a concern too.

Hope that helps!

September 3, 2008 9:20 AM"


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