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Posted by  | Saturday, September 13, 2008  at 5:00 PM  
I made some felt food for a Laney's 3-year old friend Vivian. I bought a pattern off of Etsy for a very reasonable price. Click on that link and check out some of the coolest pieces of felt food you've ever seen. The pattern was emailed to me that day. You probably should buy a pattern for the very detailed pieces of food (like the banana I made that you can peel), but for basic ones like a donut or a fried egg, you can wing it.

You Need:

-artificial felt squares ( I bought mine at Walmart and Joanne's)
-embroidery thread (matching your felt, depending on the food you're making)
-embroidery needle
*you can use regular thread if you don't want it to be visible.
-Poly-fil stuffing
-velcro ( for pieces of a fruit to be put together -- slices of an apple or orange)

Here's the peelable banana I made for Vivian:

Here's my egg I made "off the cuff." I looked on etsy and did a goodle search until I found the right egg for me and tried my best to create it. It was so much fun! I wanted to make two sausage links and some pancakes (with a cube of butter and syrup) to go with it, but I ran out of time.

I can't wait to outfit Laney's kitchen with all felt food!! ( I will probably wait until she's two and a half or three years old)


Christina said...

Yay Hollie! Way to get in the last minute "How to's" that I've been waiting for! :)

Terra Jones said...
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Terra Jones said...

I love this felt food!!! I'm worried Keaton would think the "nana" is real! ;-) I may have to give this a whirl too!

Lauren said...

Wow! I am so excited to try this out. My son LOVES food, and I love crafting! (And apparently, the 2 half-begun cross-stitch Christmas stockings, untold numbers of embellished burp diapers, baby blankets, john-johns, baby girl dresses, and fitted cloth diapers are just not enough!! ;o) Did you hand sew the food, or use a machine? I'd really looking for a project that I can pack up in a bag and carry with me, so if I find myself with a few quiet minutes, I'll have something to do.

Hollie said...

I hand-stitched it. Thanks for reminding me to mention that. I totally forgot! Anyone can do this and it's so fun. It's a bit time-consuming, so one night if Hubbs is busy or is studying, put in a movie and sew away!

Lauren said...

Thanks. After I started looking at all the food on Etsy and other places, I realized that some are all hand-stitched, and some may combine hand and machine sewing (like the ravioli). I have PLENTY of opportunities, since hubby is on call several nights a week.

Lauren said...

Hollie! I found the most amazing website tonight while browsing around for felt food patterns/ideas. It's all in Japanese, but you can still look at the creations and get ideas. I figure that once I have made a few things and get a good feel for it, I may be able to kind of "wing it" by looking at other completed foods.


Hollie said...

Lauren! Thanks for the lead. I'll definitely check it out!! And yes of course, you can SO wing it!

candy said...

cute egg!


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