How To Make a Rice Sock

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Rice Sock:

I ABSOLUTELY love my rice sock. I was given one in our Bradley Birthing class and LOVED it while I was pregnant, nursing and even more now. I use it all the time.

-excellent source of wet heat (not literally wet--do not wet your rice sock)
-soothe lower back pain
-relieve stiff necks
-sinus headaches
-labor pains; under belly to relieve cervix pains
-heavy enough to add pressure and conform to your body
-cold feet (your spouse will thank you)
-warm your side of the bed
-warming crib sheet before laying baby down (remove it from crib)
-relaxing aroma (essential oils or dried herbs)
-eases breastfeeding pains; drape across chest
-place in freezer for a cold pack for headache or injuries

Materials : (one rice sock)
-tube sock or cotton flannel print
-1.5 - 2 lbs dry rice (do not use minute rice) (use more for a more firm sock and vice versa)
-essential oils or dried lavender (optional, but recommended); bought a rather large bag at Wal-Mart for around $7.50-8.00. You could also get a Michael's/Joanne's type coupon and get it pretty cheap.

1.) Mix rice with some dried lavender. You could also use some essential oils (eucalyptus, lavendar..etc.)
2.) Pour rice mixture into tube sock until packed tightly. (If using flannel, sew a small "pillow" leaving an opening to pour rice.)
3.) Tie off in a knot or sew it closed for a more professional look.
4.) Heat rice-packed tube sock microwave for three minutes. Will provide 30 minutes of heat. If you find that it's a little too hot, try two and a half minutes. DO NOT get the rice or sock wet.


-Husbands love these socks as well. Just use a plain white athlete sock from their drawer.
-You can section off parts of your sock or "pillow" so a certain amount of rice stays each compartment. I haven't done this, but know you have that option.
-If you tie the sock, you can always re-open it and alter your sock as needed.
-You can use corn, buckwheat, glass beads and other grains can be used.
-When I was pregnant, I could not stand the smell of the rice, so I decided to put lavendar in mine. Another pregnant friend loved the smell of the heated rice. My how everything changes when you're pregnant.

Final Product:


ChezDeshotels said...


You crack me up, I have been a do-it yourselfer for a long time and as a child my mom "forced" me to learn to sew. I hated it but recently I dug out a sewing machine and started sewing again, recently I have made diaper bags, wipes cases, nursing covers, crib bedding and now my HUGE do it yourself project is making all of my own cloth diapers (AIO's) and fitted as well as our bamboo wipes and bags for the diaper pails. THis has been a job but fun!. By the way off the subject a little but if you are interested in saving tons of money doing this the products are awesome quality.
Anyway all of my rambling to say thatnks so much for your creativity and I can't wait to try all the projects I think I will make these for some X-mas presents.


Z, T, K, B Jones said...

ahhhh, I have a rice bag (made out of a towel, but same thing) it was amazing while I was laboring...didn't even think about it for nursing!!!!

KC said...

Ha ha, thanks for this post. I was given a rice sock in my Bradley class too, but she didn't really explain how it would help me. Now I will be sure to put it in my go-bag!

The Simple Shepherdess said...

We have several rice socks here at our house. The hospital where I birth my babies gives them to moms in labor. My kids even love them. My 10 yo daughter went to a "spa" birthday party and as a craft the kids made their own rice socks...I thought it was a great idea for a useful party favor and craft all in one!

I have never done one with any scent. I think I might try a little citrus and ginger essential oils, yum.

Anonymous said...

So this is probably a stupid question- but hospitals don't mind "nuking" your rice sock for you? Our first child is due Sunday and I would love to utilize a rice sock (I love those things) but I SERIOUSLY doubt WakeMed has microwaves in the delivery rooms- how does this work? :)

Z, T, K, B Jones said...

They may be one around. I just delivered at UNC and there was a "full kitchen" on the L&D floor (size being a relative term) :) and we were able to heat ours there...

I delivered our first at Rex and there was a kitchen area on the L&D floor there as well

you may have to send hubby to do it for you :)

Hollie said...

I delivered at Rex and remember my husband saying there was a little kitchenette that he could go to. Go for it!

Robin Baker said...

love the rice sock! my doula introduced it to us. You've given a great post on other uses and more stuff to put in it - thanks!

Shannon said...

Sunday, the 14th is a lovely day to have a baby! My 2nd daughter will turn one year old on Sunday. The year went by so quickly. I pray you have a great labor, that you are well aware of the Lord's presence throughout the day, and that you will have a wonderful delivery; a safe, happy baby!

Leah said...

If I were to make a rice 'sock' out of flannel fabric, what dimensions would you recommend? Still something close to a tube sock size?

Hollie said...

You really could make it really however big or small you'd like it. It's totally up to you.

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