Book Club - Week 3

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Let's shoot for 10 comments this week! :)

This week we're doing Chapters 4 and 5 (But it's tip #3 and tip #4, how's that for confusing!?). You can find the longer list of questions here.

For those just joining us, here's week 1 and week 2 of our discussion of Shopping For Time.

Chapter 4 - The Third Tip: Sit and Plan (Taking a Personal Retreat)

This chapter was my personal favorite. The idea behind this tip is to take a personal retreat, even if just for a few hours to get away, regain perspective and get a game plan. I love how the authors compared it to planning a big shopping trip. It's not smart to head into such a trip without a plan and thus it is vital to head into each season of life with a plan in place. The authors point to Jesus' example in scripture.

I'll go ahead and add my own commentary here instead of waiting to add a comment. Not long after I read this book, my husband gave me an evening away. I went to the coffee shop down the street and got some great planning done. This was when I determined my need for my house notebook that I discussed in this post. I also got my ducks in a row for structuring our days now that I stay home full time. I am totally looking forward to this time every couple of months.

Chapter 5 - The Fourth Tip: Consider People (Evaluating Relationships Carefully)

The authors described this tip as almost a "sit and plan II." It can be done alongside the planning that takes place during a personal retreat. But it is about evaluating friends that should be in our life including ones that lead us to Christ and ones that need Christ. They also exhort readers to evaluate relationship that are ungodly.

What are your thoughts on these two tips? Have you had a personal retreat since reading this book? If so, what did you learn/decide/plan/etc? If not, when are you going? :)


Shannon said...

The week I got this book, after reading the chapter about personal retreat, I sneaked away (sneaked? snuck?...) one Sunday afternoon while my husband and girls were napping and I sat down - alone - at the local coffee shop.

Let me say, it was so nice to be alone! :)

I took my notebook and pen and an hour later, I was simply amazed at how much I had processed on paper.

I took the most important areas of my life as a wife and mom and a daughter of the KING, and wrote down the current situations, what my goals were, and what I needed to tackle first.

(There was too much to work on all at once!!!)

I was so pleased that within a few days I was actually accomplishing some of the changes I wanted to make.

It makes such a difference to get away and clear my head and put things down on paper. When I do this (once or twice a month) I always come away inspired, and a lot less stressed.

I cannot recommend this enough - do it... even if it's for an hour.

Did anyone else get to take a personal retreat? I'd love to hear different ideas.

Mallory, Amy & John Mark said...

This book was really great, and came at the perfect time! Thanks for recommending it.

I have yet to have a personal retreat, but I so long for one. Hearing all you ladies accomplished on yours has encouraged me to put it on the calendar and make it a priority! Thanks again.

The Jones Family said...

I can't wait to have a personal retreat! I LOVE the idea! I believe that the personal retreat as well as the relationship list will help me to be much more intentional and purposeful on a daily basis.

I'm going to get my calendar and make it a priority right now! =)

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