My children this week

Posted by  | Tuesday, October 28, 2008  at 11:09 AM  

My two year old, Will is learning some hard lessons this week! I love the comments on Hollie's post about not using yes and no questions. That is SO where we are. Whew, it is exhausting trying to stay one step ahead of him and ready for whatever his next move is going to be. I've been keeping a little girl who is 9 months old and very mobile. Since his sister doesn't have the ability yet to take his toys, he's been thrown into having to learn how to share and do so cheerfully. He currently hoards all of his toys on the couch, even hiding them under pillows, so Ava can't get them. Then he proceeds to fight her for the baby toys that he does not care about unless she's here.

I actually read an article recently about how all kids go through the "terrible" two's, three's, etc. around their HALF birthdays. So the terribles peak around 2.5 and 3.5 before they adjust to the new developmental phase. That gave me hope that we only have another month or so before we start the upswing again! He'll be 2.5 in December. I've always said that even though this explains his behavior, it doesn't make it acceptable. I don't like to dismiss his bad behavior as just normal development. While it is normal, it's not acceptable and we'll work towards appropriate behaviors!

This cutie pie is my 7.5 month old, Adeline. She's mostly as sweet as she looks, although her dramatic side is starting to show more and more. She's developed a very fake cry that she does at total strangers. No tears, just a super dramatic cry that is hilarious. She also does the same cry when big brother takes her toy or bumps her exersaucer. She's also developing a stronger attachment to Mommy than Will ever did, probably because I am with her all day. This has created more crying at night and naps when I put her down. She's finally sitting up on her own and is trying to get on all fours for crawling.

She has finally come out of an eating funk where she was not eating solids very well at all. It could have had to do with a urinary tract infection she was getting over, but I was not really worried because I know she's getting plenty from breastmilk alone. (With Will, I would have been SO worried!!) The past two days she's eaten like crazy. She loves avocados, most fruits, squash and pumpkin (as of yesterday). She does NOT like plain yogurt or green veggies. I can get her to eat both by mixing with applesauce though. Oh and she prefers her food in the frozen cube form as she sucks it to death through a mesh feeder thing. It's wierd! I do feed her normally too, but for almost every "meal" she gets at least one cube in the feeder to gum on and she loves it! I never thought to use actual food with Will, but often gave him an ice cube when he was teething.

And my post must be over now as I try to find the erasers my son just bit off of the pencils at our desk (about 5 of them)...I suppose I might find them in his diaper eventually.


Hollie said...

That last comment about biting off the erasers on your pencils totally cracked me up. I'm still giggling

Shannon said...

I'm still giggling over the erasers too. That's so funny... and usually the way most of my time at the computer ends - with one of the girls getting into something.

If anyone has advice on getting siblings to not fight over toys, I will welcome your comments!!!!

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