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This week - we'll have a few posts highlighting some our favorite blogs and/or websites. Feel free to add your recommendations in a comment below! There are SO many good blogs out there for cooking, parenting, crafting, decorating, homemaking and these are just some of my favorites - in no particular order:

Cake Wrecks - She finds pictures (with the help of readers) of badly decorated cakes. The funniest part is her commentary on the pictures. She also does a regular feature, "Sunday Sweets" that highlights some really incredible non-wrecky cakes.

Hostess with the Mostess
- This one has some FABULOUS decorating and entertaining ideas. (Recipes too!) It's a beautiful blog as well. I just love looking at all of the pictures, even if I could never recreate the ideas!

BooMama - This one is a pretty popular blog, so many of you may already read her posts. But I had to include her in this list, just in case you don't. You should! She's hilarious.

Baby Cheapskate - Love this blog for LOTS of great baby deals. She gives a weekly post with any current diaper deals.

Organizing Junkie - This blog gives GREAT inspiration to organize my home. It also gives great ideas for doing so! But maybe I'm the only nerd that gets such pleasure from seeing pictures of organized rooms and closests.

Classy Mommy - This website has a couple of different pages, including a blog. She does product reviews and hosts tons of giveaways. This is the site that hosted the contest I participated in to win a Wii. (Speaking of the Wii - I didn't win, but my husband did get one for Christmas from his parents! :) And I didn't win the Wii, but I did win a $500 gift card to Walmart. No kidding! It PAYS to blog stalk.

Girl Talk - I've talked about this blog before, but it is written by the wife and daughters of CJ Mahaney. They've authored several books (including Shopping for Time from our book club). I am always so encouraged by their posts. They also include a weekly Friday Funny that are hilarious.

Mom of Littles - This is written by the "Money Saving Mom" (Leah's going to mention that blog later this week.) and I just discovered it. It's a great look into the life of a Mom with young children.

Mom Advice - Love this blog and especially her weekly "notebook" entries. She has a post that includes tons of links to other blogs with tons of cute ideas. I've gotten some great ideas from "Amy's Notebook." I've found a lot of great crafty blogs through her notebook.

Deal Seeking Mom - This is one of my favorite "thrify blogs" and it happens to be the one I go to most for my CVS deals.

The Purl Bee - a wonderful crafting blog!

So, what's on YOUR google reader?


Terra Jones said...

I just discovered Cake Wrecks the other day. It has become a high light when my Reader tells me there is something new on that site. It CRACKS me up!!!! the commentary, I agree, is the best. I'm usually in tears by the end of it all :)

We read a lot of the same blogs :)

Andrea and Grant said...

Little Birdie Secrets is one of my favorite craft blogs. They always have great ideas, tutorials and recipes.

Leah said...

I love
Sew, Mama, Sew's blog--
In November they had daily links to all kinds of sewing/knitting/crafting tutorials for homemade gifts. LOVE IT!

Making Home blog -- This blog by a missionary mom regularly convicts and challenges me.

Counting Sprinkles blog --
I know this blogger personally, and her tips on cleaning, couponing, saving, scripture, etc., are always an encouragement!

Between the Times --
The contributors to this blog are all affliated with Southeastern Seminary, and one contributor in particular is close to my heart :-)

For more thrifty ideas-

Most of the blogs in my Google Reader are blogs of personal friends. Of course I also like playing with my blogs too:-) &

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