Happy New Year!

Posted by  | Monday, January 5, 2009  at 9:22 PM  
Maybe you have all guessed it by now - but we've all been traveling and spending great time with our families! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration. My Christmas tree is still up and I am so sad to take it down tomorrow night. That's the plan anyhow, maybe I'll procrastinate a few more days so I can enjoy its beauty a little while longer.

Since we are five days late with our new year greeting and generally running behind - we are once again bumping the topic schedule! (Although, we're obviously a little confused as we had two topics listed for this week on the blog!?)

This week, we'll have a few posts with some suggested readings from other blogs. Basically, we'll be giving you all kinds of fun links to new blogs to add to your list of blogs to read.

Next week we'll jump into some good ol' breastfeeding talk. I'm so excited to have this topic again! It's amazing how two children can take such different paths through the breastfeeding journey! (Ok - that last sentence was lame, but I can't get anything better out at the moment. I've had a headache since returning from sunny, 80 degree Florida! Icky NC weather...)

We hope you'll jump in this week and next! Also - stay on the lookout for our next topic list. Shall we set an official topic release date? We'll let you know!

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