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Posted by  | Tuesday, February 3, 2009  at 8:00 AM  
"CREATE" is the name of a craft club I am a part of. A friend of mine, Sarah, got the idea to start a craft club while I was on bedrest with Adeline. I finally got around to joining the ladies last September and have LOVED each meeting.

I know that I LOVE to be crafty - but sometimes lack motivation to try something new. I wanted to tell you what we do and encourage you all to try to start your own craft clubs!

We meet once a month in different homes. Usually we meet in the home of the girl who is "teaching" the craft. I use that term loosely because I've hosted twice and there isn't much teaching involved! Another girl usually brings snack and we have a great time socializing and crafting! Here are links to my friend Sarah's blog with posts about the crafts we've done:

Clay Pumpkin Pots

Stamped/Scrapbooked Cards

Key Fobs

We've also done these adorable glass magnets (from one of my favorite craft blogs, Not Martha) - but I can't find a picture of those! I actually made a TON of these to give as sets for Christmas!

The posts above are all from Sarah's craft blog, appropriately named, Create! Check it out. She posts tons of CUTE ideas there.



Shannon said...

Wow, I really like that craft blog - so many ideas. Thanks for the link.

Sarah said...

What a great article Christina! You really know how to make a girl's day!

Leah said...

A monthly get together is a great idea--not too often, not too far apart:-) You could get together for crafting, for a book club, or just for coffee. Thanks for giving us a great idea! I look forward to checking out your friend's blog.

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