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This is one of my favorite crafts! They are so cute and very easy to make. I made my first 7 or so in about an hour. I first found instructions for these key fobs here. This tutorial shows you how to use a piece of fabric - but I just use grosgrain ribbon. (Takes less time!) Here are my rough instructions.

*Please note that I am not an accomplished seamstress and will not use proper sewing terms. :)
*I also get some of the supplies at Crafters Vision. You cannot find the key fob hardware at any chain craft stores. Trust me, I looked! The heavy duty webbing is also more easily found online.


1 key fob hardware
10 inch piece of 1.25 inch wide heavy duty webbing
10 inch piece of coordinating 1 inch wide ribbon (grosgrain is best)

1. I always burn the edge of my ribbon when using it in a craft project. It keeps it from fraying and I find burning it kind of fun!

2. I also don't pin the ribbon to the webbing as it is too difficult. I just sew slowly and eyeball the ribbon to be sure its going on straight.

3. That said, all you do is sew your ribbon to the webbing using a short straight stitch.

4. I then use a tight zig zag (possibly called a satin stitch as I learned...) on the ends to prevent fraying again. I don't have a picture of this step - but its not 100% necessary. The original tutorial I linked does not include this.

5. Fold your webbing in half, ribbon side out. Now you'll attach the hardware. This took some time to do a good job. You'll want to use pliers to gently squeeze, alternating sides, until it is good and tight.

You COULD possibly do this project without sewing! I'm fairly certain that it would just fine to GLUE the ribbon to the webbing if you used a really good glue! Just be sure your grosgrain ribbon is thick, otherwise the glue will show.

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