Getting to the Heart of Gossip

Posted by  | Monday, February 9, 2009  at 7:22 AM  
In continuing our look at Titus 2, the next characteristic on our list is to avoid malicious gossip, or to not be a slanderer. I think this goes hand-in-hand with being reverent in behavior. It is all about considering others before yourself. If I'm striving to put Jane ahead of myself, it just wouldn't be right to talk about her behind her back.

It is also so good to remind ourselves of what Stacey wrote when we all started this - these characteristics aren't meant to be a check-list. We need to examine our hearts as we compare ourselves to this list given in Titus. I can't just say "avoiding gossip - check" and walk away feeling good about myself. Reading that I should avoid malicious gossip forces me to examine my heart and consider just how easily I like to talk about others or be the person with the latest news about someone. It makes me see the pride in my heart and the lack of love I have for others. I then have to humble myself before God and ask HIM to show me how to avoid malicious gossip by humbling myself and loving others.

Much love to all of you ladies. I hope you have an awesome week - with your families and with the Lord!

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