How to Make "Cutsy" Backdrops for Initials

Posted by  | Wednesday, February 4, 2009  at 9:19 PM  
My friend Gi made these adorable canvas backdrops for her daughter's initials. Aren't they adorable? Directions below:

Items needed for three initials:

Three 8x11 canvas’s (I got mine at Michaels/Hobby Lobby)

Your child’s wooden initials (I got mine from Wal-mart for cheap)

¾ yard of Fabric (anything will work—satin types are difficult to work with)

~ 3 yards Ribbon

Staple gun


1.) Lay out fabric print side down and trace canvas leaving about 2 inches extra per side in order to wrap around edges. Cut out fabric.

2.) Staple fabric to back side of canvas frame, covering canvas.

3.) Place your wooden letters on top of fabric covered canvas, deciding where you would like your letters to hang. I hung mine in the middle.

4.) Cut ribbon about 1 yard. You need enough in order to wrap around letter and staple the ribbon to the back of the canvas.

5.) Sting the ribbon through each letter, or if needed tie ribbon around a middle part of the letter. I also at this time tied a double knot for a bow.

6.) Staple ribbon to back of canvas and hang initial backdrops on your wall--personalized for your child!


Shannon said...

I love seeing new ways to do initials.

If you have a Big Lots, they sometime have small canvases for cheap - AND don't forget that it doesn't have to be a BLANK canvass. It can be cheap paintings on canvass from the dollar store - b/c you're going to cover them up with pretty fabric! :)

Shannon Bradley said...

Those are too cute!! :)

I like the idea the other Shannon:) had about using already painted wouldn't have registered with me!!

Thanks for all the fun ideas and for the time all of you put in to share them!

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