Hairbow Holders

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Another gift I made for Christmas this year was hairbow holders! The possibilities for decorating these are endless. I made the three pictured here and another one not pictured that happened to be my favorite!


Wooden plaque
fine sandpaper
acrylic paints and brushes
1 inch wide ribbon for long pieces
1/2 inch wide ribbon for hanging
small wooden pieces (hearts pictured below)
hot glue gun
felt piece to cover back (optional)
high gloss decoupage spray
whatever you fancy for decorating the plaque

1. I primed the plaque by sanding it down and wiping it clean. I can't remember, but I don't think I used any kind of primer coat of paint. If I did, it was simply a coat of white acrylic paint.

2. Decorate the plaque! I did mine four different ways and the possibilites are endless! The first one pictured is my daughters and I used these chipboard sticker letters that I found in the scrapbook section. I used a clear, permanent craft glue to secure the letters. I also painted polka dots. Honestly, her holder was my least favorite!

The second one was a pre-painted wooden flower glued to the plaque with more painted polka dots.

The last one pictured was my favorite to make. I cut out the letters of her name with scrapbook paper and decoupaged it to the painted plaque. (For this part - I did use old fashioned liquid decoupage, not the spray listed in the materials.)

The last one I made that is not pictured simply used a wooden "S" glued on for the first letter of her name. It turned out the cutest in my opinion!

3. While you are painting the plaque - paint wooden hearts (or other small wooden shape) for bottom of ribbon. These little hearts help to weight down the ribbon. You could also use large buttons.

3. Once the paint and glue have all dried - apply a clear spray coat of decoupage. This helps seal the paint and make it look a little nicer. I prefer the high gloss finish - but you can get the spray in less glossy finishes too. I spray coated my wooden hearts too.

4. Attach ribbon for hanging. My plaques came from the dollar store and they already had holes drilled in them for hanging! I simply put the ribbon through the holes, tied and knot and hot glued the "tail" down on the backside. If your didn't have holes you could either drill them yourself - or simply hot glue the ribbon to the back. I would think that holes would make it able to hold more weight.

5. Attach ribbon for bows to hang on! The wide ribbon - about 1 inch in width - is for this part. I cut the lengths to be about 24 inches each. I simply used hot glue to attach this part to the back. Be sure to attach them straight so your holder hangs well.

6. Attach wooden hearts to bottom of the ribbon. Again - you could use anything cute to weigh the ribbon down. Or you could not use anything at all. It's not totally necessary - but does add a cuteness factor!

7. To finish off the backside of the plaque and hide where the ribbons were attached - I cut a piece of felt and hot glued it on. I used a coordinating color.


Mark'sMeg said...

I definitely need to do this for my little girls! We have hairbows all over the house :)

The Arab Musicians said...

Hairbow hangers are so great. My daughter has one that my mom actually made for me when I was little. It's similar to these, except it's made to look like a little girl. The plaque is round and has a girl's face painted on it, and then it has yarn around the top and braided down the side as pigtails, so you're actually hanging the bows on the girl's "hair."

Shannon said...

AH! I had one of those too - a hair bow holder that looked like a little girl, with long, braided yarn hair. I just remembered that.

I made a bow wreath for my girl's bows by re-using a twig wreath given to me when my first daughter was born. I removed all the baby items, wove a white grosgrain ribbon in and out through the twigs, and clipped hair bows to the ribbon. So easy and cute.

Christina said...

Beth - I meant to write this earlier, but I would LOVE to see a picture of your daughter's hairbow holder that was yours...I've seen one before (maybe a friends house growing up?) but didn't remember until the comments.

Sounds like something super cute to re-create!! If you get a chance - you could email it to us using the POH email on the blog. Thanks!!

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