Strip quilt for a toddler bed

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Strip Quilt for a toddler bed

I am in the middle of making two toddler quilts for my friend Shannon. This is a great opportunity to also preserve some of your child's clothing by putting strips of their clothes into the quilt. Shannon told me the colors that she wanted in her crib and sent me several of her girls' dresses.

I used:

-measurements for toddler bed: 49.5 or 50" long x 37" wide - you could make it longer, if you wanted to.

  • -100% cotton batting

  • -solid piece of fabric for backing

Order of sewing:
  1. Cut fabric strips and sew all of the sides of the strips together.
  2. Sandwich batting between backing and the front of your strip quilt, making backing and batting .5 bigger than front piece.

  3. Pin all over quilt and stitch directly on the seams inbetween each strip through all three layers.

  4. Stitch down the middle of some strips at varying widths to keep the batting from shifting.

  5. Make binding (sewing leftover fabric pieces together at 2.5 inches wide, making around 4.5 feet of binding) Iron binding in half to make 1.25 inches wide.

  6. Trim edges of backing and batting of quilt to be even with front of quilt.

  7. Apply binding. This is my first time actually applying binding. I asked the sales rep at the quilting store how to do this, as well as looked on I recommend you do the same because it's very difficult to explain.

  8. Hand-stitch the back of the binding all around the quilt with an invisible hem-stitch. Another stitch I will be looking at on youtube when I get to that point.
And there ya have it! You just made a toddler quilt!


Shannon said...

I LOVE the quilt and can't wait to see it in person. Hollie, you did such a good job. :) :)

Susan said...

Ooh! Those are awesome! Spacify offers Toddler Beds and more at reasonable prices.

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